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Top 5 iPod Touch 5th Gen Cases

While not as popular as its smartphone and tablet counterpart, the iPod touch still remains a very solid multimedia device which is especially popular with kids. Now if you want your iPod touch 5g to last then you would certainly want to buy a good case for it. If you are looking for good cases for iPod touch 5th generation, then don't sweat it because we will be giving you the Top 5 iPod Touch 5th Gen Cases available in the market.

Top 5 iPod Touch 5th Gen Cases

Top 5 iPod Touch 5th Gen Cases

Belkin Protector for iPod touch (5th gen)

Belkin Protector iPod touch 5G case+1

Should you not mind silicone-made cases, then you should certainly check out Belkin's Protector case for iPod touch 5g. The extra-thick silicone cladding wraps around your iPod, protecting the back, sides and edges from bumps, jolts and other injuries, with a smooth, matte textured exterior that's easy to grip. Like all good cases, this case has properly placed cutouts to ensure that you will be able to easily access your device's controls, headphone jack and dock connector. Another good thing about this case is that it is available in numerous colors, so whatever your preference in color is, Belkin has got you covered.

Buy Belkin Protector for iPod touch (5th gen) for $14.99

Case Mate's Barely There for iPod Touch 5th Gen

Barely There iPod touch 5G case

For many people, the best cases are those that protects your device in the best way possible but without the all-annoying bulk. Bulky cases are a simply a no-no for casual use. For such users, Case Mate's Barely There case for iPod Touch 5th Gen is a perfect option. The Barely There series is somewhat of a classic when it comes to iPhone cases, and for good reason. The shock-absorbing interior liner for enhanced protection and enhanced soft-touch finish that covers an impact-resistant hard shell shouldn't make this one a hard sell.

Buy Case Mate's Barely There for iPod Touch 5th Gen for $30

Poetic Atmosphere iPod Touch 5G Case

Poetic-Atmosphere iPod touch 5g case

There are people who are not keen into using cases on their device because it covers the form factor and design that Apple has worked so hard for. If you are someone who thinks that way, then perhaps this case can provide you with some sort of compromise. Poetic' Atmosphere Case for iPod touch 5G is transparent which means that you will still be able to show off your device's vibrant color and even the engraving on its back. This case is made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, so the protection it provides is certainly top-notch. The case is also on-sale right now, so better hurry before the offer runs out.

Buy Poetic Atmosphere iPod Touch 5G Case for $8.95 (formerly $24.95)

Cygnett Workmate Tough Case for iPod Touch 5G

Cygnette WorkMate iPod touch 5G case+1

Cygnett is a company known for their high-quality tough cases, design for active lifestyles. Users who are looking for the best sort of protection for their iPod touch 5g may look no further than Cygnett's Workmate Tough Case. With its heavy duty shell and impact resistant inner, you are sure that your iPod touch 5g will remain protected at all times. Aside from the case itself, it also features a screen protector because, you don't really want to scratch that beautiful screen, do you? The Cygnett Workmate Tough Case for iPod Touch 5G is available in black and green colors.

Buy Cygnett Workmate Tough Case for iPod Touch 5G

OtterBox Defender Case for iPod Touch 5G

OtterBox Defender Case for iPod Touch 5G

Perhaps one of the most popular brand of device cases around, and for good reasons. The Defender features three layers of protection. There's the inner shell that fits firmly over the device and includes foam padding for cushioning. And then you have the scratch resistant screen protector is built into the inner shell without compromising touchscreen sensitivity. And the last but not the least, the rugged silicone skin that wraps around the inner shell to absorb bumps and shock. Definitely an iPod touch 5G case worth having.

OtterBox Defender Case for iPod Touch 5G for $39.95

And there you go, some of the best iPod touch 5G cases that you can buy for your device. So what's your favorite iPod Touch 5G case?

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    Sappy8 years, 3 months ago

    i am looking forward to buy an ipod touch and i will buy the griffin survivour.but are there more good cases?

    Ethan8 years, 8 months ago

    What about the griffin survivor? I have it and its really bulky which i actually like because its super protective and it has a built in screen protector and a belt clip that can be used as a stand

      Patrick Gumban8 years, 8 months ago

      Nice! Yes, it seems bulky but just what one would expect from a military-grade case. It looks good too! I’ll try to update the post and try to include Griffin Survivor. Thanks! :)

      Sappy8 years, 3 months ago

      oh well its good everyone has it

        Sappy8 years, 3 months ago

        since i am a kid i am asking