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Real Racing 3 Now Available in International App Store Way Ahead of Release Schedule [iTunes Link]

With respect to video games, the iOS has become a very solid platform over the years, something that was quite unthinkable in the past. Because of this continued upward trend, the iOS have gained many notable series and franchises that are considered to be the "must-haves" of the platform. When it comes to racing games, Real Racing is considered to be the cream of the crop on the iOS. Creators Firemonkeys previously announced that the third iteration of the franchise is going to be released on February 28th. However, it seems that appears to be not the case since Real Racing 3 is now available in the international App Store.

Download Real Racing 3

That's right, folks! Firemonkeys’ Real Racing 3 is now available via the international App Store. To be quite specific, the latest racing game from Electronic Arts can now be bought through the New Zealand and Australian App Store. This is definitely good news for fans of the series or simply racing enthusiasts in general.

Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3

So what can fans expect from Real Racing 3? Perhaps the most notable change in Real Racing 3 is the fact that it has now gone freemium. This basically means that you will be able to download, install, and play the game for FREE. However, if you wish to access more content like buying parts or repairs, then you will have to take out your wallet (See: Temple Run 2). Yes, this should not bode well for those who absolutely hate in-app purchases. As for the other aspects, you will be happy to know that the graphics are better than ever. You'll be hard-pressed to find a game that as crisp and smooth-looking as Real Racing 3, thanks to the new Mint 3 Engine.


True to its namesake, the third iteration will feature real officially licensed tracks, real roster of cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti, and Audi, and you get to play with real people. You get the drift? With over 45 intensely detailed cars, an expanded 22-car grid, and over 900 events like cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges, and drag races, it is safe to say that this is the richest and biggest racing game in the App Store right now. Something that a racing enthusiast can't afford to miss.

Unfortunately, for those residing in the U.S. and other parts of the world, it seems that you will have to settle with the announced February 28 release date for iOS and Android.

Download Real Racing 3 via the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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