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What Did Phil Schiller Say in the Interview?


The second week of 2013 was hot because of rumors surfaced about a cheaper, lower-cost iPhone. First it was Digitimes citing its sources, then the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Then Phil Schiller denied the rumors in an official interview with the Shanghai Evening News. Despite being among the first English sites reporting the story yesterday, Reuters pulled its story in the early AM today citing "substantial changes", explaining their motive in a later post.

According to Reuters, Phil Schiller didn't say Apple wouldn't develop a cheaper smartphone for the sake of expanding its market share, but they would focus on making the best products for customers and "never blindly pursue market share".

After the Phil Schiller story went live on Shanghai Evening News, the blogosphere exploded, because it was an official interview with an Apple executive addressing rumors -- as confirmed by The Next Web with Apple -- and seemed to contradict earlier reports coming from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, which are known for citing only trusted sources.

However, the news agency also highlights since then, other substantial changes were made in the original article. Instead of denying the rumors of the cheaper iPhone, Phil Schiller used the usual Apple pattern: "We will not discuss plans for any future products."

The executive had originally been quoted as saying that developing a cheaper smartphone to try and replace feature phones was not a direction in which the company wanted to head. That comment was removed from the new version of the story, which now cites Schiller as saying, "Apple has always focused on providing the best products for its consumers, we've never blindly chased market share."

Apple rarely addresses rumors about upcoming products, which often spur intense speculation. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal cited anonymous sources as saying Apple could release a cheaper iPhone as early as this year.

This reminds me once again of what Steve Jobs said addressing the $500 computer, so if you're hoping to grab a cheaper iPhone, I think it's time to save some money, because everything is possible.

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