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Temple Run 2 Now Available in New Zealand App Store, Landing in US Store Tonight

As far as endless running games go, one of the most popular ones is the blockbuster hit, Temple Run. There's a plethora of endless running games in the iOS App Store, but only a few have the same kind of polish Temple Run has. Of course, it doesn't hurt Temple Run is a very fun game to play, so, it's safe to say this app's overwhelming reception is totally warranted. If you're a fan of Temple Run, then you'll be happy to know the sequel will be hitting the App Store tonight. That's right people, Temple Run 2 is finally here!

Temple Run 2 Logo

The folks at Imangi Studios are finally done with the sequel to the ever-popular temple runners and fans will be thrilled to know it's a proper sequel. You heard right, it's not a spinoff, a clone or movie tie-in. Temple Run 2 is a full, proper sequel. From the looks of things, the main gameplay does remain the same. Again, you'll find yourself running from those freaky monkey creatures, while avoiding deadly traps and clearing obstacles. This is understandable on the developer's part because, you know what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Temple Run 2 Screenshot

However, since this is a proper sequel, Temple Run 2 offers a ton of new stuff for you to sink your teeth into. Those who're concerned with the graphics should be happy because Temple Run 2 received some much-needed graphics overhaul. Everything looks better and the graphics are smoother with better anti-aliasing. However, perhaps the biggest draw of Temple Run 2 is it features multiple level environments. Now, in addition to running in Temples, you'll be sliding down zip lines, jumping through perilous cliffs, and racing through mines. Temple Run 2 is, definitely, a beautiful game.

Temple Run 2 Screenshot1

As mentioned, gameplay remains largely the same. This means while running from those monkey creatures, it's now one giant brute. You'll be avoiding level hazards and various deathtraps while collecting coins. Fortunately, you have various maneuvers, jumping and sliding, that'll prevent you from dying. This is good because there are new obstacles to overcome.  Much like its predecessor, this game features many playable characters, each with their own unique and upgradable abilities. These abilities can also be used to escape deadly situations. Check out the gameplay video below:

Temple Run 2 is now available in the New Zealand App Store and is currently being released on other stores. If you're in the U.S., then expect the game to hit the App Store at 11pm EST. Fans of the original should check out Temple Run 2, especially when it is being offered for FREE. [via TouchArcade]

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