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Pod2g Sparks Trending Petition for Apple to Open Up iOS for Tweaks & Mods

For a power user, a jailbroken, or untethered, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is ideal. However, the state of jailbreak right now is shaky, at best. While iOS 6 can be jailbroken, it's only limited to A4-based devices and it's this little fact it is the tethered variety. For a power user, the current iOS 6 jailbreak is not enough. It's safe to say we won't be seeing an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak soon. In line with the grim state of jailbreak, Pod2g calls for Apple to open up iOS and allow more tweaks and mods.

Pod2g iOS 6 Jailbreak_0

Pod2g is, of course, no stranger to the jailbreak community. The famed jailbreak developer has posted on Twitter hoping, with the lack of an iPhone 5 jailbreak, Apple will consider opening its mobile operating system a little bit, in order to accommodate tweaks and mods. The security expert was driven to post such a tweet because he has been seeing many of his "geek friends" switch from iOS to Android. Check out his tweet below:

Hopes: the fact that there's no jailbreak for the iPhone 5 may push Apple to open a little more their OS for tweaks and mods.

Pod2g Tweet to Apple

So, does Pod2g think Apple will allow unsigned iOS code? Well, that seems to be not what he had in mind, as he isn't referring to allowing unsigned iOS code or going open source. He says there are no technical issues that'll prevent Apple from letting developers submit their tweaks, themes or mods. The best workaround is to simply extend the iOS SDK/API. Much like what's being done in the App Store, Apple can review developer submissions before deciding whether to approve them into iOS. This way, Apple will be able to weed out the legitimate tweaks and mods that enhances the iOS experience from those promoting illegal content, such as piracy.

I never talked about "unsigned code" nor "open source". They can allow tweaks by extending the SDK.

What initially started as wishful thinking on Pod2g's part has developed into a web trend and has intiated a Twitter petition. The petition is entitled “WeWantAnOpeniOS”, which was created by @flawlessfox and will be emailed to Apple once enough signatures are gathered. The hashtag #weWantAnOpenIOS is also trending on Twitter worldwide, which only goes to show not only do a lot of people listen to Pod2g, but there's a real demand to make iOS more open. As of this writing, the petition has gathered 5,000+ signatures.

Of course, one can't help but think Pod2g is only doing #weWantAnOpenIOS because they can't manage to jailbreak iOS 6 and Apple has won. In fact, there are some comments on the web saying this exact same thing. Pod2g says he hasn't been talking with jailbreakers and he hasn't been involved with security research for some months, as he is busy with his application and other projects.

Pod2g Tweet_1

This is a bit of a long shot and it's definitely something Apple won't easily consider. However, many folks believe it "hurts nothing, it costs nothing", though this would require a bit of work from the Cupertino company. We'll have to see and wait if this petition will bear any fruits later on.

Are you in favor of having Apple open up iOS to allow tweaks, themes and mods?

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