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The iPhone 5S Will Use New “Touch-On-Display” Technology [RUMOR]

The popularity of Apple products is something that one could not deny. Each time a new gadget releases from the Cupertino company, there is bound to be a lot of hype surrounding it. However, Apple products are so popular that even just a few months after release dates, people are already talking about the next big thing. This is especially true for Apple's most popular gadget, the iPhone. Just three months since the release of the iPhone 5, rumors are already starting to pour in. Just yesterday, there's a speculation that the iPhone 5S will come in multiple colors and screen sizes. Now another rumor has surfaced, this time it's regarding the next iPhone's display tech.

iPhone 5S Touchscreen

If anyone can recall, last year we have shared to you an iPhone 5 touchscreen glitch which depicts the screen's issue with rapid diagonal swipes. The touch input will just drop out or simply stop altogether. It was never determined whether this problem originated on the hardware or software side. In line with this, The China Times reports that Apple will switch to another touch technology for the next generation iPhone. If this rumor is indeed accurate, it seems that Apple is aware of the iPhone 5's touchscreen glitch and intends to correct it by using a new display tech.

According to the Chinese newspaper, Apple will be working with Chimei Innolux in order to develop the display technology to be utilized for the next-gen iPhone. The new display tech is said to be a new "Touch-On-Display" technology. For the current-gen iPhone, the display technology used is the new in-cell screen technology. This allowed the iPhone 5 to assume an even thinner form factor. However, it seems that the utilization of this in-cell screen technology proves to be a double-edged sword as it has also caused interference issues for numerous iPhone 5 owners.

If this report turns out to be true, then Chimei Innolux has already began sending samples of the new “touch-on-display” to the Cupertino company. These displays are said to be just as thin as the current iPhone's screen but they should be enough to address the touchscreen glitch and lag spikes on the iPhone 5S. And if everything goes as planned, then we will see this new touchscreen technology incorporated into the next iPhone, which is widely presumed to be the iPhone 5S. It is still fairly early and expect to hear more iPhone 5S rumors down the line.

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