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iPad Mini 2 & iPad 5 To Debut in March, Says Analyst

Some of the biggest tech products released last year were the iPad 4 and iPad mini. Both products were met with mixed reactions, especially the iPad 4, which came seven months after the release of the third-gen iPad. iPad 3 owners were understandably disgruntled because Apple broke tradition by not adhering to its yearly product cycle. And now, despite being released only a few months ago, there are already rumors floating around regarding the next iteration of the iPad and iPad Mini. According to a new report, the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are going to launch in March.

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2+1

Like all rumors that've been surfacing lately, this particular bit of information came from an analyst. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets has been in talks with industry sources present at this week's CES event in Las Vegas, Nevada and has acquired insider information that a full-sized iPad and iPad mini will debut this coming March. This puts the release gap to a mere five months since the iPad 4 and iPad mini were announced.

Industry sources also told White the new "iPad 5" is going to benefit from Apple's lighter and thinner mantra, even more so than the current generation Apple tablet. The 5th generation iPad is said to house a new A6X processor and smaller Lightning chip, but will feature the same design as the iPad 3, which was released in March last year. As for the iPad mini 2, it is expected to have the same form factor as the current mini tablet. As for the upgrades, the new model will most likely have better internals, like a faster processor.

iPad mini 2 Retina

One of the main complaints about the iPad mini is the fact it didn't feature the eye-popping Retina display that newer iOS devices have. So, will the iPad mini 2 have Retina Display? Well, White wasn't able to confirm that, although there have been rumors floating around Apple is working with its partners to incorporate hi-res Retina Display to the iPad mini 2 and at the same time, bypass production constraints. This seems to make sense, because it's just unacceptable for the next iteration of the iPad mini not to have Retina.

In another note, White also reported the iPhone 5S will come in multiple colors and screen sizes and will debut around May to June this year. So, is Apple really going to adopt a new, twice-a-year refresh cycle for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2? [via AppleInsider]

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