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iOS and Android Are the Only Platforms Growing

Android is the strong leader of the smartphone platforms, but Apple is gaining traction, the two being the only mobile operating systems rising, while their counterparts have lost market share.


After surveying more than 30,000 US mobile subscribers comScore has released its report offering a cross-section view of what is called US mobile market. According to their findings, Samsung ranked as the top OEM, with nearly 27% of US mobile subscribers, while Apple got the No. 2 position with 18.5% market share, up 1.4% since August. LG landed on the third spot with 17.5% share, followed by Motorola with 10.4% and HTC with 5.9% share.

According to comScore's data, Android is used by 53.7% of the total US smartphone users, while iOS retains 35% of market share. The other players like RIM, Microsoft and Symbian's market share is below 9%.

iOS and Android

Since the comScore report covers the three month period between September and November, to get a clear picture of how the mobile market players performed during the holiday season, we'll use Chitika Insight's latest study.

According to Chitika's data analyzing the market before and after the Christmas holiday, the biggest winners of this season were the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III, at least in the US and Canada. They posted 1.1% and 1.0% gains in smartphone usage share, respectively.

However, there's one data that raises concern -- at least for Apple -- and that's the iPad usage. The tablet defining a new product category recorded a 7.1% drop, from 86% to 78.9%, in market share the days after Christmas.


The sudden and significant drop in iPad's market share is explained by Chitika, where the successful holiday sales of Android tablets helped to lower the share. According to their findings, the Kindle Fire HD, sold by Amazon, was a top selling product on Black Friday.

This however, is a temporary gain, and Chitika expects the iPad's share to return to the its average 80% range. Anyways, we're inching toward Apple's holiday quarter report, and the stakes and expecations are high. It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will miss, or meet, the Wall Street analysts' forecast.

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