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Traces of iOS 7 & iPhone6,1 Found in Developers’ Logs

About three months ago, the world has seen the release of Apple's latest mobile operating system along with the launch of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. However, Apple doesn't plan to rest on its laurels and one is assured that the company is already working on its new iPhone and the newest iteration of iOS. According to a new report, iOS developers have spotted signs of what seems to be the new iPhone running on a new mobile operating system which is speculated to be iOS 7. Read more details after the jump.

iOS 7

The folks at TheNextWeb have received a tip from developers that they have seen traces of Apple's next generation iPhone and mobile operating system. There have been sightings of references that points to a new iPhone identifier and iOS 7. One developer pointed out that the Cupertino company is currently testing a new hardware with the iPhone6,1 identifier. The said device is powered by iOS 7 which is predicted to be released on the second to third quarter of this year. In contrast, Apple's flagship iPhone 5 sports the identifier iPhone5,1 and iPhone 5,2 depending on the model.

iOS 7 iPhone 6, iPhone 5S

From what can be seen from the developer logs, the app requests came from an IP address which is traced back to Apple's Cupertino campus. This essentially suggests that it is highly possible that Appleā€™s software development and app teams are currently testing some of the most popular apps found in the App Store, presumably for compatibility. Aside from these traces, not much information are found with regards to hardware or software features. According to sources, Apple has started working on iOS 7 by the end of 2012 which rings true because this is the first time ever for the new iPhone and iOS 7 to show any signs of existence.

Of course, it is still far too early to speculate but it is interesting to know that Apple is already hard at work on its new iPhone and iOS. Could it be that Apple is indeed breaking tradition by releasing a new iPhone before its yearly cycle? As for iOS 7, with the departure of Scott Forstall and Jony Ive taking the helm, it is expected that there will significant changes to the platform. What is widely expected is that skeuomorphism, a design that Jony Ive admittedly hated, is going to be dumped. It is interesting to see what Apple has in store for us this year with iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S) and iOS 7.

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