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iOS 6.1 Beta 5 Now Available to Developers, Get Downloading!

As you may know when it comes to firmware releases, the next big thing for iOS is the iOS 6.1, which is already on its fourth beta. To ensure the highest quality firmware, Apple will first release several beta versions to developers, so they can pinpoint any possible bugs and issues. With that being said, Apple just rolled out the fifth beta version of iOS 6.1. That's right! Developers can now download the iOS 6.1 beta 5.

Download iOS 6.1 Beta 5

It's worth noting the iOS 6.1 is only the second non-major update to reach a fifth beta build. So, what can you expect from iOS 6.1 beta 5? The most obvious would be the constant effort of Apple in improving iOS 6 maps and expect multiple improvements to other stock apps, like Siri and Passbook. Of course, you can expect various improvements and bug fixes. It's also known this beta is likely the last one before the general public release.

Prominent jailbreak personalities found something interesting in the iOS 6.1 beta 5. Stefan Esser, aka @i0n1c, noticed iOS 6.1 beta 5 has the "build ID of a final, not that of a beta." MuscleNerd noticed despite the beta naming, iOS 6.1 beta 5, can actually be released as a public firmware version, a "golden master" release in other words. These observations only add credence to the rumor the iOS 6.1 official release is just around the corner. One reason why iOS 6.1 is highly anticipated is it's said to be the version which will house the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak.

Strangely enough, iOS 6.1 beta 5 is not available via OTA update, only through direct IPSW download. If you are a developer, head over to the iOS Dev Center and download the firmware.

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