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Download Firefox 18 With 25% Faster JavaScript Performance & Retina Display Support

If you are still one of the many faithful users that are using Mozilla's Firefox browser, then you would want to know that the latest official version is now available for download. For the uninitiated, due to the tough competition represented by Google Chrome, the Mozilla team was forced to keep up by adopting a faster release cycle. And before we know it, we are already on the 18th official version of Firefox. That's right folks, Firefox 18 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. More gory details about Firefox 18 after the jump.

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So what's in it for you if you choose to update to Firefox 18? Performance has always been an issue when it comes to Firefox. Firefox tends to be a resource hog which is why it is always a welcome addition for the browser to incorporate performance enhancements. Well if you're like me, you will be glad to know that the biggest addition to Firefox 18 is the significant JavaScript improvement. Mozilla has adopted a new JavaScript JIT compiler called "IonMonkey" which promises 25% better performance when handling web apps, games, and pages that utilizes JavaScript. This update alone makes Firefox 18 worth getting, but that's not all.

Download Mozilla Firefox 18

If you are on a Mac that runs OS X 10.7 and up, then it's worth pointing out that Firefox now supports Retina Display for version 18. Many Mac users will likely say that this feature is way overdue. Firefox users will also be pleased to know that finally, a built-in PDF viewer has been added to the browser. However, in order to accommodate Retina Display support and improve performance, Firefox 18 does away with animated themes. To read more about this decision of the Mozilla team, click here.

Check out the complete official change log for Firefox 18 below:

  • NEW: Faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler.
  • NEW: Support for Retina Display on OS X 10.7 and up.
  • NEW: Preliminary support for WebRTC.
  • CHANGED: Experience better image quality with our new HTML scaling algorithm.
  • CHANGED: Performance improvements around tab switching.
  • DEVELOPER: Support for new DOM property window.devicePixelRatio.
  • DEVELOPER: Improvement in startup time through smart handling of signed extension certificates.
  • HTML5: Support for W3C touch events implemented, taking the place of MozTouch events.
  • FIXED: Disable insecure content loading on HTTPS pages (62178).
  • FIXED: Improved responsiveness for users on proxies (769764).

Mozilla Firefox 18 is a highly recommended upgrade for those who have decided to stick with this long-running browser. The JavaScript performance enhancements alone should be reason enough to make users want to upgrade. As per usual, don't expect any significant change on the interface of the browser. You can update to Firefox 18 by launching your browsers or you could use the direct download links provided below.

Mozilla Firefox 18 Download Links

Download Firefox 18 for Windows

Download Firefox 18 for Mac

Download Firefox 18 for Linux

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