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Apple Currently Testing The iPhone 5S & a Low-Cost iPhone, Launching in June

Judging by the number of reports regarding rumors and speculations about the iPhone 5S, it seems that it's high time for the next generation iPhone to take the center of the rumor mill. Earlier this month, there have been reports that Apple is prepping to release the iPhone 5S alongside a new cheaper model for emerging markets in June. While it is normal for Apple rumors to spin out of control, it seems that Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing, felt the need to cool down the rumors of a coming cheaper iPhone. Now another well-known analyst fuels the rumors that two new iPhones will launch this coming June.

iPhone 5S Release Date

According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek in a note to investors, Apple is currently in the process of testing two new iPhone prototypes. At least one of the said prototypes is the widely-presumed iPhone 5S which is an incremental upgrade to the current-gen iPhone, the iPhone 5. Misek has previously predicted back in December that the Cupertino company will launch an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 5, much like the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4. He also expects that Apple will release a next-gen "iPhone 6" which is going to feature a larger 4.8-inch display.

How about the other prototype? Well, as previously rumored, the other prototype is supposedly the cheaper iPhone which is the company's trump card in penetrating emerging markets like China. According to Misek:

Similar to the iPad mini, we expect a concentrated low-cost iPhone rather than a 'cheap' one. Likely specs: polycarbonate case with 4" non-Retina display and no LTE.

So this is yet another report that indicates that Apple is going to break the iPhone's yearly cycle. However, it seems that customers will be seeing an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 5 first before a full-scale smartphone upgrade. Both devices are expected to hit the assembly lines this coming March and will go on sale in June / July.

Do you think Apple will indeed release the iPhone 5S along with a cheaper iPhone in June? [via AppleInsider]

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