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Tim Cook’s Full Interview With Brian Williams of NBC [Video]

For the first time since he became CEO of the most valuable company in the USA, Apple, Tim Cook accepted NBC's Brian Williams' invitation for an interview. See the video after the break.

The network teased the Tim Cook interview last week which rapidly lead to speculations around the Apple TV set, as Cook mentions in the interview -- the living room -- has become an intense area of interest for Apple. His words were the strongest hint, until now, suggesting that Apple is indeed working on a television set.

In addition, Cook highlighted the company's willingness to bring some of its product's manufacturing back to the USA. The first product line to become a "Made in USA" product will be the Mac lineup, as Apple plans to invest $100 million to build iMacs in the US. You may already have heard that some 9to5Mac readers found "Assembled in USA" inscriptions on some of Apple's recently released iMacs delivered to their home.

In this more than 20 minute interview, Tim Cook talks about product design, the aforementioned "Made in USA" efforts, Apple news, and of course Steve Jobs. The video was uploaded by 9to5Mac as NBC hasn't published the full video yet at the time of this writing. You can watch the two parts of the exclusive interview below, where in fact Brian Williams seems to talk much more than Tim Cook.

Tim Cook NBC Interview [Video]

Post any reactions, comments, questions, or facts about Tim Cook's interview below, and how you think Apple will fair in the coming new year.

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