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Are These The First Leaked Images of the Rumored iPhone 5S?

The iPhone 5 has been only with us for less than three months but we are already getting news that the rumored successor to the device, the iPhone 5S is already well on its way. That's right folks, rumor about the iPhone 5S is already brewing. Last month, there were reports that the iPhone 5S was already being prepared for test production this December and it will hit stores in the first half of 2013. Needless to say, this particular rumor has definitely stirred the entire blogosphere. And now lo and behold, we are looking at yet another iPhone 5S rumor. This time, it involves the purported back plating of the next iPhone.


Component firm ETrade Supply has posted several photos of what is widely believed to be the rear housing of the next generation iPhone. According to Apple's most recent pattern of device naming, the next iPhone is expected to be named the iPhone 5S. Check out the said iPhone 5s images below:

iPhone 5S Rear Shell

The photos depicted of the purported iPhone 5 shell is very similar to what is found on the current iPhone. This seems to coincide with Apple's pattern of maintaining a body style of the iPhone for two generations before making some significant alterations. When compared side-by-side, one can see that there are distinct differences between the two casing. As you can see from the picture below, the screw holes arrangement for the logic board are different. Apart from that, there are various other subtle differences between the housing as they're highlighted in different colors. The exterior of the casing bears the same text found on the iPhone 5, with placeholders used for different models, IMEI, and regulatory identifiers.

iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5

So are these really the photos of the iPhone 5S's rear shell? Well given that the origin of these photos is pretty much unknown, there is simply no way of knowing. For all we know, there is a good chance this particular back plating comes from an old iPhone 5 prototype. Or worse, this might as well be an elaborate knockoff, although the build quality seems to be on par with the authentic iPhone 5 component.

If this turned out to be accurate, then Apple might indeed break its annual update cycle for the iPhone line as well. As mentioned, the Cupertino company is already gearing up to proceed with test production this month which should just be in time for the middle of 2013 launch date.

What do you think of this iPhone 5S rear housing? [via MacRumors]

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