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Google Maps is The Best, Says Mossberg

With Google Maps available as a free app in the App Store, iOS users could easily forget about using the heavily criticized built-in Maps app that replaced Gmaps with the launch of iOS 6.

As recent stats highlight, the availability of Google Maps has boosted iOS 6 adoption by 29% during the past few days, and even Google announced that its improved maps app for iOS was downloaded more than 10 million times in its first two days of availability last week.

Walt Mossberg, a renowned influencer of the tech world, has taken the Google Maps app under his loop and his verdict is: people are dumping the flawed Apple Maps and using Google Maps instead, because it is better than ever!

As he points out in his review published by AllThingsD, the iPhone version of Google Maps isn't just better than Apple's built-in maps -- relying on data provided by TomTom -- but it's better in most respects on the iPhone than it is on Android phones, the result of rethinking the popular app from the ground up.

The reason for Google dumping its Android user base -- as the iPhone version is much better than the Android version -- is simple: money. As a service provider, Google makes more money from Apple than from Android, so it is obvious that the search giant wants happy Apple customers, and wants it heavily used on this platform.

From our testing, we can say we love the improved Google Maps, and yes, we agree with Mossberg: while Apple has a decent Maps service, it still needs some work to reach company standards. So, you can dump it while you have the awesome Google Maps for free.

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