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Gmail App 2.0 for iOS Now Available – Features New UI, Multiple Account Support & More

Yesterday, Android users got a pleasant surprise from Google as the company released a substantial update for the Gmail app. Users have clamoring for several changes and features for the mobile version of Gmail and it seems that the search engine giant has finally complied. Not willing to leave out its iOS userbase, the developers has also released a major update for the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Much like the Android update, the new Gmail app update brings some great features and an aesthetic overhaul. More details about Gmail 2.0 after the jump.

Download Gmail App 2.0

As soon as you launch Gmail 2.0, you will most likely notice the cleaner-looking user interface. Readers who are familiar with the Sparrow mail app for the iPhone and Mac should definitely recognize the resemblance with new overhauled Gmail interface. The visual change is somewhat expected after Sparrow has been acquired by Google back in July. With the Sparrow team on-board  it seems that the search engine giant sees it fit to have them work on improving the user experience with the new Gmail app. With the way the app looks right now, having the Sparrow team on-board definitely counts as a welcome change.

Gmail App_0

One very noticeable interface change is the addition of profile images taken from the user's Google+ account displayed alongside the messages. In fact, version 2.0 brings a number of changes that integrates Google+ directly with the Gmail app including the ability to comment and give +1 to posts straight from the Gmail app. This saves users the tedium of having to launch the Google+ app or access the social platform via a web browser. Other time-saving features are added as well like the new auto complete predictions that will appear when you type within the search field. This should definitely help in improving the email composition time. Speaking of integrations, the new Gmail app has also been integrated with Google Calendar. So now you can now RSVP to your invites through your mobile device.

Gmail App_1

Another neat addition to version 2.0 is one that would surely benefit Gmail users with multiple accounts. Through the left-side navigation pane, users can now quickly switch between accounts by simply tapping the corresponding icon. You can easily switch up to five Google accounts, each having their own notification badges for unread messages.

Gmail 2.0 is definitely a solid update which should certainly make many users happy. The Gmail app has always had its fair share of flaws and shortcomings. However with this update, it seems that more good things are still about to come. Download version 2.0 of the Gmail app for iOS via the iTunes link below.

Gmail App 2.0 Download Link

Download Gmail App 2.0 via the iTunes App Store

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