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A Christmas Wish List to Santa from Tim Cook

This morning Anonymous tipped us off with some very interesting stuff: they hacked Santa's mailbox and grabbed the emails he had received from all over the world. Just to mention a couple interesting figures: President Obama, Dracula, Pamela Anderson and, surprisingly, Apple's CEO Tim Cook have all sent him wish lists. Since we are a tech blog, we can't post Pamela Anderson's or President Obama's lists, but here is Tim Cook's. It was written slowly -- since he dropped the physical keyboard -- so you must read it that way.

Tim Cook's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have so many wishes, but I know you are a busy guy, and you can't grant all of them. So, I gave it my best shot and only selected only my TOP THREE wishes for this Christmas.

For the iPhone . . .

I wish the iPhone could finally get its liquid metal casing, along with a liquid metal touch screen, and that it could be virtually indestructible, being able to pass the most extreme drop tests like from a plane. Actually, forget the plane, if that guy who jumped from the edge of space had have owned one of these bad boys, it should be able to survive that drop. That'll silence the comparisons once and for all, yeah.

liquid metal iphone

liquid metal iphone

Comment: We kind of understand Tim's wish, as Apple was recently seen exploring the possibility of using liquid metal to create the casings for the iPhone in future versions. The concept is awesome, as it would replace the casing Apple currently uses and provide a stronger, elastic and visually appealing form factor. This will obviously trigger some design changes as well: the physical home button will disappear and be replaced by a virtual one; the iPhone will become the slimmest smartphone ever, and will be manufactured in three sizes: S, M and XL.

For Siri . . .

I wish Siri could finally come out of beta and literarily come alive like Frankenstein, Genie, or Pinocchio and become the most beautiful, perfect woman (for men) or as the most gorgeous looking man (for women), or even just a cool little kick-ass sidekick robot, whatever as long as it's alive. It should then be able to perform any and every possible task that anyone could ever ask... instantly, like a genie. For example it could go out and pick you up a pizza, and serve it to you in a bikini, or accept marriage proposals, or become the best marriage counselor in the world...

Comment: Since the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple has faced criticism regarding Siri and its limited features. With the launch of iOS 6, Siri was improved significantly, but still...

For the iPad . . .

I wish the iPad could be all glass, lose weight, feature wireless connectivity to anything (and I mean “anything” – literally), and that users could use the iPad to annihilate any Android or Windows tablet within a radius of 100 miles so we could get our ranking back to 100% like the day the iPad was launched in 2010. Then all would be well with the world again, and people might stop comparing me to Steve Jobs.

Comment: Turns out Apple is losing market share to Android tablets – at least that's what the most recent mobile market research companies such as IDC are saying: Google's mobile OS is gaining traction, as they are offered to consumers for next to nothing, or at very low prices, and Microsoft has entered into the tablet market with its "Click&Surface" tablet.

If I were to get even one of these, it would make my year!


Your friend (and #1 Supplier)


Well, there you have it folks, Tim Cook's Christmas wish list! So what's on your wish list for this Christmas?

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