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BiteSMS 7.1 Now Available – Brings iOS 6 Support, CLI for iMessage & 50% Off on Licenses

Many jailbreak enthusiasts will agree that when it comes to the best jailbreak application, BiteSMS will most likely rank high on many people's lists. However competent the stock iOS Messages app is, there is simply no comparison when it comes to the features offered by BiteSMS. For those who are unaware, BiteSMS is basically a messaging app on steroids. It has been around since 2008 and still continues to be as popular as ever, if not more. However, those who have upgraded to iOS 6 weren't able to take advantage of BiteSMS's cool features. Well, just in time for the holidays, BiteSMS has been updated to support iOS 6 along with other changes and new features.


Back in September, a beta version of the popular alternative text messaging app has been released in order to temporarily accommodate those who have updated to iOS 6. And now it seems that such version of the app is up and ready for the public consumption as BiteSMS 7.1 goes live. First the developers released version 7.0 which is the main update with new features and changes. The update was quickly followed by version 7.1 which is more of a quick fix for iOS 5 users who are experiencing compiler problems.

BiteSMS 7.1

So what exactly can you expect from BiteSMS 7.1? As mentioned earlier, this version will be fully compatible with iOS 6. The app is now fully optimized for the latest iOS version, so those who have used the tethered Redsn0w jailbreak for iOS 6 can now use BiteSMS again (officially anyway since there's the beta). Another significant addition to BiteSMS 7.1 is the addition of the command line interface (CLI) which now supports iMessage. You can access the CLI by logging in as "mobile" and typing:

/Applications/ -send -iMessage to@address “text_msg”

The only downside is that this particular feature is only available for the iOS 6 version of BiteSMS. If you come to think of it, version 7 is mostly catered to iOS 6 users. It is even mentioned in the change log that iOS 5 users and lower are in effect only installing a certain version of BiteSMS since they won't be getting any of the new features.

Check out the complete changelog for version 7.0 and 7.1:

Version 7.1

Fixed issue impacting iOS 5 users only (compiler problem).

Version 7.0

  • iOS 6 compatibility. Polished, Optimised and Ready!
  • Command line interface now supports iMessage (run as *mobile* user):

/Applications/ -send [-carrier|-bite|-iMessage] to_address text_msg

  • We now use the Facebook contact picture if your local address contact pic is not set
  • Links colours now work properly in biteSMS themes

Note: For iOS 5 users, in effect you are installing Release 6.3 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.

Note: For iOS 4 users, in effect you are installing Release 5.5 of biteSMS and don't get any of the new features.


You read the last part right! If ads do bother you when using this jailbreak app, you might want to grab the developers' Christmas offer which is a 50% discount. At least that feature is something which everybody can take part in.

So will you be getting the latest version of BiteSMS?

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    YES!!!  Just need to figure out the Jailbreak….