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Auxo: Amazing Cydia Tweak That Fine-Tunes The iOS App Switcher

Multitasking has always been a sensitive subject when it pertains to iOS. In the earlier versions of the iOS, multitasking was almost non-existent. And it was only with the efforts of the jailbreak community that users were able to experience the joys of multitasking. Eventually, Apple added the task switcher which is the company's attempt to incorporate multitasking into iOS. With the arrival of iOS 6, it seems that the task switcher hasn't gotten that much attention because it is still pretty much the same and is a cumbersome solution when compared to what's found in Android and other competing platform. Fortunately, the jailbreak community is once again on the case and hopes to change all that.

Auxo Cydia Tweak

These all started when user Sentry_NC released a concept of the task switcher over at The Verge's forums. Based on the comments of the community, the concept received mostly favorable feedback from many iOS users. However, Sentry isn't just going to let his concept design remain a concept as he has taken the initiative to make his creation a reality. He contacted developers Jack Willis and JamieD360 in order to create a jailbreak tweak that will blow away the stock app switcher.

The name of this up and coming jailbreak tweak is Auxo, basically a redesigned app switcher that aims to improve the feature across the boards. To give you a better idea on how this soon-to-be-a-hit works, here's a video from iDownloadBlog made by the best jailbreak video maker this side of the web, Jeff Benjamin.

The most notable improvement that is made by Auxo compared to the default app switcher is the new card preview for currently running apps. Instead of the same old boring icons, Auxo will display a card preview of the current state of the running apps, almost like a miniature screenshot. If you wish to terminate an app, you can just easily swipe them down. Since multi-touch is supported, you can kill multiple apps using two or more fingers. This definitely beats the cumbersome way of going into wiggle mode and terminating each app one by one.

Auxo Cydia Tweak Card Preview

If you wish to remove all apps in the switcher, then you can perform the tap and hold gesture which will bring up the confirmation menu that will ask you if you wish to close all running apps with a single tap. Auxo is fairly smart as well since any app you attempt to close that plays actively in the background such as Music, you will receive a prompt whether or not you really want to terminate it.

Auxo Cydia Tweak Music Controls

Another area where Auxo improves the app switcher is with music controls. It has been redesigned to go along with the iOS 6 design. Instead of just displaying the name of the song and controls, the tweak overhauls the interface by adding more information like song title, artist name, album title, and even the album art, along with the music controls.

Auxo Cydia Tweak Toggles

Another welcome improvement is addition of two rows of toggles found in the app switcher. Much like the popular SBSettings, these toggles will let you easily enable / disable many frequently used settings like WiFi, 3G, Airplane mode and the likes.

Aside from the undoubtedly awesome enhancements of Auxo, the tweak also looks great. Unlike other jailbreak tweaks, Auxo integrates really well with iOS 6 and closely follows Apple’s design paradigms. It expands the functionalities of the iOS app switcher without having to remove any existing feature. Personally, Auxo is bound to be a hit within the jailbreak community.

Auxo will be releasing in Cydia in the "very near future." From what folks have been hearing, the tweak will be offered for an extremely reasonable price. Unfortunately, the tweak is only for iOS 6, although the developers are hard at work to create an iOS 5 version. Auxo just makes me wish that we have a solid untethered iOS 6 jailbreak now.

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