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Auxo Cydia Tweak Now Available for iOS 5.x.x

Last week, we brought into your attention a very promising Cydia tweak that goes by the name of Auxo. This particular jailbreak tweak started out as a concept design for the app switcher by Sentry_NC. Not content with merely a concept and convinced that it could be done, he contacted two jailbreak developers in order to turn his concept into a reality. The rest is history, and jailbreak users now have Auxo, one of the best jailbreak tweaks to come out this year. In another bit of good news, Auxo has finally been ported to iOS 5.x.


When Auxo appeared in Cydia last week, it was initially made available for iOS 6 only. After all, the concept was originally conceived because of the iPhone 5's larger screen in iOS 6. However, since the current iOS 6 jailbreak is tethered and not to mention limited to A4 devices only, it only makes sense for the developers to make it available for the good chunk of jailbroken devices. The developers of Auxo promised to port the app on iOS 5.x as well. Now, thanks to the effort of developer Kyle Howells, iOS 5 support has been added to Auxo.

As mentioned, Kyle Howells lent his hand to the Auxo team which then allowed the latter to meet its turnaround time for iOS 5 support. So how does Auxo work on older firmware? Check out the hands-on video for Auxo running on iOS 5.1.1 from iDownloadBlog.

As you can see, Auxo runs fairly well on iOS 5. In fact, there seems to be no difference as compared to what can be seen on the iOS 6 version. The developers certainly did a good job of porting Auxo to iOS 5, which currently has the most stable untethered jailbreak. For the hardcore jailbreak users, it is a no-brainer to stay with iOS 5.1.1 just for the benefits of an untethered jailbreak. Along with iOS 5 support, the developers went on the extra mile by incorporating the usual bug fixes, performance enhancements, and added language support.

What about iPad support? Unfortunately, iPad support is not yet available which is quite a shame because the iPad can really benefit from the advantages that Auxo can bring, more so than the iPhone and iPad touch. However, you can take comfort in the fact that the developers are working hard to bring out a version optimized just for Apple's tablet. The interest for this particular Cydia tweak is quite substantial so you can trust that we'll see an iPad version sooner rather than later.

Auxo is now available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for the reasonable price of $1.99. Following the shutdown of Hackulous, Auxo proves that high quality tweaks and apps justify the act of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apart from app piracy. So those of you who are rocking devices on iOS 5.x, you can grab Auxo from Cydia now.

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