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The Apple I Computer Built by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak Sells for Record $640,000

A fully functioning Apple I, the first computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back in 1976, was auctioned off by German auction house Team Breker for a record price of $640,000, a much higher asking price than the original.

Steve Jobs Apple I

This was the second Apple I unit that has been sold to collectors, however the latest auction that took place in November, broke the previous record price by nearly $270,000.

The guys from Classic Computing sat down for a talk with Lonnie Mimms, an avid collector and currently the proud owner of two Apple I units (among other machines). One of the two units isn't working, and the second (working model) has several replacement components.

He explains his love for these two units:

The Apple I, because of Apple's status now in the world, is the beginning of that company. For corporate America and for the computer industry, there isn't anything more iconic than that in existence. The first one sold for a little over $200,000 a couple years ago, and that was at a public auction in London. One just sold this summer which I actually used to own, for $375,000. There's two sets of auctions.

As the blog notes, only 200 Apple I units were made at the time, and there are about 50 intact units spread across the globe, but only six of them are working. The original asking price was just $666.66 for the Apple I when released in 1976. [Via ModMyi]

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