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UK Judges Order Apple to Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees in Full

Unless you've been disconnected from all internet and TV media lately, you know Apple and Samsung have been battling in and out of courts for quite a while now. As it turns out, Apple must now pay the legal fees for Samsung in full according to a judge in the UK, as the Cupertino company published a "false and misleading notice" as a reply to the lost patent infringement lawsuit over the iPad.

Apple vs. Samsung

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales is after humiliating Apple, as the judgement requires Apple to pay for all expenses associated with Samsung's legal defense, and if there is any dispute, it will be resolved in Samsung's favor.

As you may recall, Apple was ordered to publish a notice on its UK website admitting Samsung did not infringe on any of their patents with its Galaxy Tab products, after it lost an appeal in October. But while Apple complied, it also added two paragraphs to the statement, which -- as the court recently ruled -- were calculated to produce huge confusion. Among the comments, there was reference to a separate US verdict that awarded Apple more than a billion dollars in damages, and another reference to a German court ruling which found Samsung to be infringing on those very same Apple patents.

The reaction of the UK Court judges was swift after the post appeared: they were outraged by Apple's post and demanded the company to change it within 24 hours and rejected the company's request for 14 days to change the post. The very next day, the first printed Apple notices appeared in The Guardian and the UK website was updated shortly after that.

Surely Apple knew what they were doing when they posted the additional information on their homepage. Due to the amount of coverage and press they received from bloggers and news sites as a result of that post, the point has surely been made, and now lives on in the web pages and blog posts all over the internet.

What do you think: did Apple proceed correctly with its post, or was it a mistake?

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