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Top 5 Best & Worst Apple Concepts and Mock-ups on the Web

Any gadget or tech enthusiast surely loves a good Apple concept or mockup design. Often imitated but never equaled, there is no doubt that the Cupertino company makes some of the most sophisticated and most creative designs in terms of their products. Just one look at an Apple product and you will surely recognize the company’s world-class minimalist design. Over the years, the most devoted Apple enthusiasts have made concept designs that emulated the fruit company's design sensibilities. Rather than being marketed as actual products, these concepts or mockup designs reflect more of the fans' wishes from an Apple product. In this post, we will compile the best and worst Apple concept made by fans. This is the Top 5 Best & Worst Apple Concepts and Mock-ups on the Web.

Top Apple Concept Designs

Top 5 Best Apple Concepts and Mock-ups

Mac Mini Slim

Mac Mini Slim Apple Concept Designs
With every product iteration, part of Apple's design sensibilities is to make their products lighter and thinner. So there is very little doubt that fans are going to emulate this particular design mantra as well. A good example would be Isamu Hanada's Mac Mini Slim. Based on its moniker, the device is basically double-dipped in Apple's design mantra of having a thinner, lighter profile. It is already Mini and additionally has been given the slim treatment. The result is a stunning Mac Mini Apple concept that we're sure any fan won't mind to have. Hook it up to an Apple LED display and you got yourself a formidable multimedia machine.

iOS Resizable App Icons

One of the main complaints about the iOS platform is the fact that it hasn't changed much over the years. While the interface works and in a rather seamless, smooth manner, it still looks like the ever-familiar grid-based design we've come to know over the years. With Scott Forstall being booted out of Apple, there is a good chance that iOS 7 will see a major overhaul in terms of design and functionality. For the meantime, you can check out this iOS 7 concept made by Max Rudberg who has an interesting take on how iOS icons can be manipulated. Basically, he made the iOS icons expandable to multiple sizes, each offering more information than the previous one. Just check out the video above.

iPad 3 Concept

At this point, the iPad 3 has already been released and was quickly replaced by the superior fourth-generation iPad. However earlier this year before the release of the iPad 3, the creative minds over at Aatma Studio has created a mind-blowing iPad 3 concept which features a gorgeous edge to edge Retina display. The screen of this iPad 3 mockup have built-in internal magnets which enables the user to connect two devices and the watch videos in widescreen. They also demoed a game with the iPad concept with laser buttons and 3D holographic effects, and this is where the concept gets all sci-fi on us. Aatma Studio is known for their cutting-edge creations that just can't be adopted yet by current day technology. Forget the iPad 3, this is like iPad 10 stuff right here.

iPhone 5 Concept Design

iPhone 5 Apple Concept Designs
With the announcement of the iPhone 4S last year, there were a good number of folks who were disappointed that it wasn't a redesigned iPhone. So it was up to the fans to create a true redesigned iPhone, well before the iPhone 5 was brought into the public's knowledge. Enter Antonio de Rosa from ADR Studio in Italy who have made an iPhone 5 concept that will surely blow away any eager iPhone enthusiast. The supposedly features of this iPhone 5 concept are capacitive Home button, Aluminum Unibody, 4.3-inch screen, A6 chip, iOS 5.1 and iCloud. The features and specs are more or less the same with the existing iPhone 5 but in terms of looks, we say it's a lot better than what Apple has launched.

iPhone 5 Concept With Rubberband Technology

Now, here's something that simply borders on the impossible. Again, this is an iPhone 5 concept design and yet again, this one came from the brilliant folks at Aatma Studio. As you can see from the video above, the concept starts with a fairly modest feature which is the ability to charge wirelessly, a technology which is already available with other smartphone brands. And then follows the neat fingerprint scanning which is used for unlocking the device. A few seconds later, the video demonstrates an all-new improved Siri which communicates with other smart machines. The last bit is where things become so outrageous. By pinching the screen, the device doesn't only zoom in but the body itself stretches, courtesy of a technology which is pretty much on its infancy called stretchable or rubberband electronics. It's pretty great but we know we won't be seeing such feature in a long, long time.

Top 5 Worst Apple Concepts and Mock-ups

Magic-Mouse Inspired Curved iPhone 5

Back then, the iPhone 5 (or 4S) has been widely speculated to sport a teardrop shaped form factor. However, a curved iPhone is simply quite unheard of. While it does have the slick and beautiful design sensibilities of Apple, we are not sure about the overall form factor of the device. The curved design has the potential to compromise the ergonomics of the device, which means it could easily slip out of your hands while in use. With the way the headphone jack is placed, it looks quite non-practical. Not the worst in the world, but it is just disappointing of the way it turned out.

iPhone 5 Spider Concept

iPhone Spider Apple Concept Designs
Yet, another design that we are not so crazy about. You can tell that creator Federico Ciccarese really loves his sci-fi and that has clearly extended on this Apple concept design. The designer decided to abandon the handheld nature of smartphones and went with something that it actually wearable. While it sounds good on paper, a wearable mobile device just looks plain weird. And you also got the metal legs that wraps around your hand which really ups the creepy factor. For uber sci-fi fans only.

iPhone Pro

iPhone Pro Apple Concept Designs
The main draw of Apple products is the fact that they are very simplistic, highly comfortable to use, yet they managed to be stylish. You can tell that Jinyoung Choi created this concept for those who love photography. The iPhone Pro features a 1.2 MP 3D camera rear camera which can be mounted by a DSLR lens. The idea itself is quite neat but the execution is just way too off and excessive. It will be ridiculously heavy for just about any mobile photographer and not to mention it can be quite cumbersome to use. Again, nice idea but the execution is simply way off.

iSiri Watch Concept

Ever since Apple announced the iPod nano, there are many who have been aspiring for the company to announce an iWatch. As you all know, Apple did not really bother or hint at it and it looks like it's going to be that way for good. However, that certainly doesn't stop people from creating an iWatch. Again, this Apple concept came from Ciccarese Design which integrates the iWatch with Siri. The result is this standalone Siri iWatch. Basically, it is a watch which you can wear around your wrist which acts as a Siri command center. This way, you can control your iPhone with just your voice without removing the device out of your pocket. However, we just don't think that Siri will be able to keep up. Plus, a watch that can't tell the time?

iPhone Capsule

iPhone Capsule Apple Concept Designs
The iPhone capsule is a mini-iPhone that weighs only a miniscule 87 grams with dimensions of 4.89 x 10.1 x 1.35cm. The screen of this Apple concept is a 2.4 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It comes with a decent 3.2 megapixel camera with 30 fps VGA video recording. Well, such specs won't save it from that fact that it looks quite hideous. No.. just no!

And there you have it, the top best & worst Apple Concepts and Mock-ups on the Web. Any Apple concept which you think belongs in this best and worst list?

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