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Siri-inspired Google Voice Search Jailbreak Tweaks

With Google Voice Search becoming popular among iOS users driven by its speed, the jailbreak community has quickly responded with two awesome jailbreak tweaks shifting Google Voice Search to another level.

Google Voice Search

Activoice, a jailbreak tweak signed by Ryan Petrich, allows the user to easily access Google Voice Search by pressing the Home button, just as you do for invoking Siri, a tweak that will likely become popular among iPhone 4 users and iDevices without Siri.

A great addition to Activator are its settings options, which enhance Google Voice Search by adding Googles, Google Apps, and Text Search alongside the regular voice search. Also, you can choose from male or female voices, or to have both.

So, as soon as you install Activoice on your iDevice, to invoke Google Voice Search all you need do is hold the Home button briefly and the recently improved Google app will appear.

NowNow is another jailbreak tweak allowing the user to launch the Google Search app by using a Siri-invoking gesture, working practically the same as Activoice.

From what we have seen recently, Google Voice Search has become tremendously popular mostly among users who don't have Siri on their devices. With these two jailbreak tweaks available for free and the ability to use Siri-like gestures to access it, Google Voice Search has now become a serious threat to Siri on the iPhone.

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