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Review of Brand New Evernote 5 Update for iOS

As far as productivity apps go, there is no doubt that Evernote is one of the most well-liked option out there. Whether you are a hardcore organizing enthusiasts or simply a person who wants to organize a few items, Evernote will have something to cater to your fancy. Evernote has been in business for quite some time and with the way things are going, it seems that it won’t change anytime soon. Especially now that Evernote has gone through a pretty sizeable change as the developers behind the app reinvented the look and feel of its popular iOS app. So is it worth upgrading to Evernote 5? Well, read on and find out.

Evernote 5 for iOS
Evernote 5 is the highly anticipated update for the iOS version of the app. Unfortunately, the desktop version hasn't gone through the same treatment which is kind of a shame because both the mobile and desktop version needed the make-over. So what are the new features that you can expect from Evernote 5?
Evernote 5 for iOS_0

Evernote 5 for iOS Features:

  • A new home screen with quick access to notes, notebooks, tags, places, and premium features.
  • Create new notes with fewer taps using home screen quick note buttons.
  • The note list redesigned in a card style to showcase note content.
  • The added ability to quickly create new notebooks from the Notebooks list.
  • Notes on a zoomable map.
  • Evernote Premium view lets you access Premium features and account status
  • New unified shared notebook list shows your notebooks and ones shared with you

Evernote 5 for iOS Home
Upon launching the app, you should immediately notice the change in the interface. You will observe that the app looks much cleaner and more colorful than the previous version. The tabs which can be previously found at the top now hang across the screen as green folders. You can definitely see that the developers have made extra effort to ensure that the usability of the app is top-notch. Once that aspect has been addressed in the best way possible, it seems that is when they decided to add more features. However, the new revamped look does come with a bit of tradeoff. A good example would be the fact that the top note utilized to show the first words of the most recent note is gone.
Evernote 5 for iOS_1
As for the home screen, it displays quick access to your notes, tags, places, notebooks, and Premium features. With the three main buttons up top (or to the side depending on your orientation), you can easily create a new note, take a photo, or take a screenshot of your Evernote smart notebook. If you have subscribed to the premium service, you can easily see your shared notebook list.
Evernote 5 for iOS_2
With the Places tab, you can all the notes that you have made them. The places section is mapped out with the aid of TomTom and Open Street Maps data - I have to say that they work rather great. If you are using Evernote for iPad, you will have access to a few unique features which mainly take advantage of the extra screen size like in Notebooks view you have added notebook stack support. As you may expect, there is whole slew of bug fixes and improvements that were thrown in. I'd say the performance of the app is top-notch although I've encountered some annoying crashes. Upgrading to premium will get you some bonus features and extra cloud storage space.

So is it worth upgrading to Evernote 5? The current version of the app is not perfect. For example it has some glaring issues like with creating notes from scratch. I kind of feel that its note creator is a stripped-down version of other word processors. While it does have the bare-bones essentials for a note taking app, I kind of feel that it offers not enough features. And that is just one of the flaws of the app. If you are going to check user reviews, you will find that many folks are disappointed with the latest update. Evernote 5 mainly excels with its usability which indeed took some real effort from developers. While this is definitely desirable, some features were actually taken away. Decide for yourself if the redesign is your cup of tea, if not, then you are better off with Evernote 4.

Download Evernote 5 from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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