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Microsoft Office for iOS & Android Unveiled, Set to Release Q1 2013 [IMAGES]

When it comes to productivity apps, one of the longest running rumors is the existence of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android. As far as productivity suites, there is no doubt that Microsoft's Office suite is one of the most popular, if not the most popular. So you can only imagine just how many users would want the Office suite right on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Considering just how popular Office is, one would think that Microsoft would have ported the suite into mobile devices by now. Earlier this year, Microsoft Office for iPad has been spotted in the wild which made people assume that it is well on its way. Now according to a new report, the release of Android and iOS versions of Office is close.

Microsoft Office for iOS & Android
While Microsoft continues to be silent regarding the issue, The Verge was able to learn some interesting exclusive scoop. Citing the usual "anonymous sources" familiar with Microsoft's plans, The Verge reports that Office for iOS and Android will be released early 2013. Office for iOS and Android will come in the form of free apps which will enable users to view Office documents on their mobile devices.

Much like the SkyDrive and OneNote for iPad earlier this year, Office Mobile will require you to have a Microsoft account. Having a Microsoft account means that you will be able to use the apps for free with viewing functionality for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. If you wish to be able to edit the documents and have the full package, you will have to subscribe to Office 365. Microsoft will have users buy an Office 365 subscription within the app itself (in-app purchases) or codes will be distributed by various organization which is pretty much like the existing versions of the Office suite.
Microsoft Office for iOS and Android
The Verge reports:

Office Mobile will debut in the form of free apps that allow Android and iOS users to view Microsoft Office documents on the move. Like the existing SkyDrive and OneNote apps, Office Mobile will require a Microsoft account. On first launch, a Microsoft account will provide access to the basic viewing functionality in the apps. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents will all be supported, and edit functionality can be enabled with an Office 365 subscription.

According to The Verge, the editing features of Office for iOS and Android will likely include the most basic functions. So try to manage your expectations because the app will surely pale in comparison to its desktop counterparts. Instead, the Office for iOS and Android version will serve as a supplement to the standard versions. This way, you can view and edit your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations while on the go. However, we think that the iPad and Android tablets should be able to handle a full-fledged Office suite considering the higher processing power and screen size over smartphones. Hopefully Microsoft will consider releasing a souped-up Office for tablet devices.

In a recent Microsoft press release, it was revealed that the Office Mobile apps for Android and iOS will be made available no earlier than March 2013. It is expected that the apps will hit iOS first around Q1 2013 before making its way into the Android platform around May.

Will you grabbing Office for iOS or Android when it releases?

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    Mobidro • 8 years, 11 months ago

    I don't know how this update will work and if this will be a good Android change for the Nexus. But Microsoft Office for Android is Better