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Jaxov’s Top 10 Posts for the Week Ending 18-11-2012

The Jaxov week has ended just to open another week full of news about tech, Apple and all things gadgets. In case you missed all the great stories of last week we at Jaxov covered, don't start by opening your RSS reader, because you will be overwhelmed by the number of articles flowing in. Instead you can pick up the best stories of the past seven days we posted here on Jaxov for the week ending 18 November 2012. Each of them will be well worth your precious time so without further ado, here is Jaxov's Top 10 Posts For the Past Week.


Jaxov's Top 10 Posts for the Past Week

UK Judges Order Apple to Pay Samsung's Legal Fees in Full

Apple lost an important legal battle in the UK, and replied by posting a "false and misleading" notice on its website infuriating the UK Judges. First they ordered Apple to change the text and more recently they billed Apple with Samsung's legal fees. In full. (Read more)

iOS 6.1 Beta 2 Now Available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch [Developers Only]

Shortly after the iOS 6.1 beta 1 became available for developers, Apple released beta 2. iOS Device owners with a developer account can download the latest version of iOS, featuring notable improvements. (Read more)

Review of Brand New Evernote 5 Update for iOS

One of the best productivity apps for iOS, Evernote was updated last week and we asked ourselves whether it was worth it to upgrade to Evernote 5 and what are the new features of the updated app? (Read on to find out)

How to Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1/iOS 6.0 Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7 [Tethered]

As part of the jailbreak community's response to Apple firmware updates, iH8sn0w has released the updated version of his popular jailbreak tool Sn0wbreeze v29.7. We prepared a tutorial just for you, to help you jailbreak your iDevice running iOS 6.0/iOS 6.0.1. (Read more)

Rumor: iMac Likely Won't Hit Stores Until 2013

During the iPad mini event Phil Schiller showed us how the new iMacs will look and promised that the All-in-One will be available for sale this year. But as the rumor mill suggests, the new iMacs won't be available in Apple Stores until next year. (Read more)

iPhone 5S Rumors Already Brewing: What to Expect

Apple has broken tradition by releasing the fourth generation iPad this fall, during the iPad mini event, so the news of the iPhone 5S production in December spread like wildfire. Will Apple break its yearly update cycle again with the iPhone? (Read more)

CallBar v2 Released - Gets iOS 6 support & Tons of New Features & Fixes

Owning a jailbroken iPhone has tons of benefits and one of them is to have access to the recently update CallBar. The jailbreak tweak which adds iOS 5 style notification to your screen when receiving an incoming call, has been improved with new features. (Read more)

Samsung Requests Details of Apple and HTC Settlement

After HTC and Apple reached an agreement to cross-license each other's patents, Samsung woke up from its sleep and now is curious to know what the agreement includes. The South Korean manufacturer asked the court to force HTC and Apple to reveal the content of their agreement. (Read more)

iOS 6: Bug Affects Music App, Causes Immediate Crash

The recently released iOS 6 has more bugs than all previous iOS firmware. The latest (minor) bug affecting the native Music app was noticed by a French iOS user and blogger. The bug causes the Music app to crash. (Read on for more)

Fake Apple Apps Appear in Google Play Store

If you thought Apple needed more money and made its native apps available in the Google Play Store, well we have bad news: the apps you've seen in the Android app store signed by "Apple Inc." are fake apps, which also means they are malware. (Read more)

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