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Jaxov’s Top 10 Posts for the Week Ending 11-11-2012

Another week at Jaxov is about to begin, which means that we're looking at another week full of news on all things gadgets and technology. However, as the week comes to an end, this doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the top stories we at Jaxov have covered for the last week. Don't worry, in this post we'll be compiling the best contents we have posted here on Jaxov for the week ending 11 November, 2012. All the content that's worth your time in this very accessible format. Without further ado, this is Jaxov's Top 10 Posts From Last Week.

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Jaxov's Top 10 Posts for the Past Week

iPad Mini Benchmarks Hit The Web

Shortly after the iPad mini has been made available worldwide, the device's performance was measured and compared to other iPad models. As expected, the iPad mini's A5 processor is a lot more powerful than the original iPad and is roughly the same with the iPad 2 in terms of performance. (Read here)

iPad Mini Jailbreak Made Possible In Just Over 24 Hours

Not too long after the iPad mini has been officially made available, prominent members of the jailbreak community have already managed to jailbreak the miniature tablet of Apple. Well, sort of. Outside of someone who has a developer account, the jailbreak is not really ready for public consumption. (Read here)

Teardown Reveals iPad Mini Costs About 8 to Build

So just how much did it cost the Cupertino company to build their very first foray into the low to mid-range tablet market? iFixit performed their usual gadget teardown in order to find out just how much profit Apple is making out of the iPad mini's $329 price tag (entry level model). (Read here)

iPhone App Downloads Are Declining for the First Time in App Store's History

As far as distribution of digital contents go, the App Store is certainly one of the most successful platforms. However, for the first time in history, the company recorded a drop in iPhone app downloads which dipped down below the 30% mark. Will Apple manage to bounce back and kick app downloads back into high gear? (Read here)

Next-Gen iPad Mini to Include Hi-Res Retina Display [RUMOR]

The iPad mini is widely criticized for the lack of Retina Display. On what seems to be the case of the obvious, rumors about the 2nd-gen iPad mini having Hi-Res Retina Display is already on the loose. It is said that mass production of the new iPad mini displays will commence by the start of Q2 2013. (Read here)

Review of Quasar Cydia Tweak for the iPad

In this post, we have reviewed the multitasking Cydia tweak called Quasar. Described by the developer as the Windows manager for iPad, Quasar is a tweak which enables users to run iPad apps in a window which can be manipulated in ways similar to Windows. Should you bother getting this tweak? (Read here)

Jaxov's List of Top 10 iOS Winter Apps For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Winter is already fast approaching and the last thing you would want is to find yourself lacking in preparation. Fortunately, your trusty iOS device has access to apps that will help you cope with the season of cold. These are the top ten apps that will help you throughout the winter season. (Read here)

Microsoft Office for iOS & Android Unveiled, Set to Release Q1 2013 [IMAGES]

Microsoft's Office for iOS and Android have been long rumored for the longest time now. Recently, a much reassuring report came through indicating that Office Mobile will finally see a release date early next year. Are you still looking forward to Office for iOS and Android? (Read here)

iPhone 5 Touchscreen Glitch Found, Issues With Rapid Diagonal Swipes

A game developer company has found a touchscreen glitch with the iPhone 5's display. The latest iPhone has been exhibiting an odd behavior whenever one does rapid diagonal swipes on the screen. The problem seems to be exclusive to devices with 4-inch displays like the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5. (Read here)

P0sixninja: Status of iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak is “Grim”, But I'm Working on Something Bigger

Famed jailbreak hacker P0sixninja tweeted that the current state of the iPhone 5 jailbreak is quite “grim.” However, he also added that he is working on something bigger than the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak. Could it be a new jailbreak solution for iOS 6? (Read here)

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