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ITC Will Review Ruling Clearing Apple of Samsung Patent Infringement

According to Bloomberg, Samsung will receive another chance to prove that their iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) infringe on their patents. Samsung is has obviously been unhappy with the outcome in the courtroom and believes they are in the right when it comes to the patent disputes.

Samsung vs Apple

The ITC (US International Trade Commission) will review "in its entirety" a trade judge's September 14 findings that cleared the Cupertino company of claims it infringed on four Samsung patents. The agency already posted a notice on its website.

Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung contends Apple infringes four patents, including two that relate to how phones transmit data. Gildea said Apple didn’t infringe on any of the patents, and that one, for a way to detect movement on a touch-screen, was invalid. The fourth patent in the case is for a way to detect phone numbers in e-mails so they can be dialed or stored in the phone’s contact list, Bloomberg informs.

In the fight for market share, the two tech giants have opened up legal battles in multiple countries and the current case is just one of them, although it entails the most severe rulings that Samsung has faced recently: a billion verdict.

The South Korean manufacturer is the No. 1 smartphone and mobile phone manufacturer on the global scale if we can believe the IDC and Gartner report as bot reaffirmed Samsung's position, despite different numbers. Apple ranks No. 3 on the global scale, as it lost its position to Samsung during the first quarter of 2012.

Samsung, with 140,000 patents worldwide on things like light-emitting diodes, computer-memory chips and televisions, filed its ITC complaint in June 2011 as a strike back against Apple’s claims of copying. The Korean company has been selling mobile phones since the 1980s.

The commission, which has the power to block imports of products that infringe on U.S. patents, is scheduled to make a final decision about Samsung and Apple on January 14.

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