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Head of Apple Mapping Team Reportedly Fired for “Flawed” iOS 6 Maps

One of the most recent controversy that Apple got entangled with is the flawed iOS 6 Maps app, a new in-house mapping solution that aims to replace Google Maps. Apart from issues with production yields, the launch of the iPhone 5 has been a fairly smooth affair, the device was even touted as the most successful iPhone launch yet. However, the same can't be said with the operating system that comes with it. One of the key features of iOS 6 is the new in-house mapping solution which has features like turn-by-turn navigation and 3D view. The iOS 6 Maps app turned out to be less than perfect and may have been one of the of biggest tech failure of the year. In light of such controversy, it seems that another Apple personnel was shown the door.

iOS 6 Maps

If anyone can recall at the height of the iOS 6 Maps debacle, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an open letter apologizing for the less than desirable performance of the new mapping application. In the letter, he was even compelled to recommend rival mapping applications. It was not too long before issue compounded as former Apple Senior Vice President Scott Forstall departed the company for good. This is not saying that Forstall was solely responsible for the iOS 6 Maps blunder because there is no way he could have handled it all by himself. Well according to a new report, Apple's "executive management change" is still going underway as another head employee gets the boot.

Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue

Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue

Bloomberg reported that Richard Williamson, the person who oversaw the mapping team, was booted out of the Cupertino company due to the "flaws" that hurt the iPhone 5 launch. This bit of information came from an anonymous source that refuses to be named. The one who pushed out Williamson was said to be Eddy Cue who assumed the Senior Vice President role after the departure of Forstall. This yet another management shakeup is to win back the trust of consumers who were severely disappointed with iOS 6 Maps. Unreliable landmark searches, lack of public transit directions, broken 3D-view, routes that get users lost are just of the issues reported by users.

From Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has fired the manager responsible for its troubled mapping software, seeking to win back the trust of users disappointed after the program debuted in September, according to people familiar with the move.

iOS-6-Maps Error

Cue is said to be in talks with digital maps provider TomTom NV (TOM2) to fix all the lingering issues with iOS 6 maps and improve the application as a whole. By removing Williamson, Cue aims to appoint a new leader for the mapping team. This is not the first time that Cue has taken on a troubled product. After its dismal performance and various issues, the now defunct MobileMe service has been handed down to Cue for overseeing the project. One can only hope that these recent management changes inside Apple will finally fix this issue with iOS 6 Maps for good.

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