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Google To Introduce Their Own Version of Apple’s AirPlay

Google is reportedly working on an alternative to the popular, Apple-branded Airplay. It is hoping to invite device and software vendors to the negotiation table with the final result to be an open technology, Airplay-like feature. This would allow the exchange of data between second screens and TV-connected devices, GigaOm reports.

Apple Airplay

This shouldn't come as a surprise though, as the search giant showed off the first implementation of the Airplay copycat when it launched the Airplay-like video beaming from Android smartphones and tablets to Google TV services.

Google has been working for some time now on bringing the Airplay-like experience to Google TV, and on a closer connection between Android phones and YouTube apps on a variety of Smart TV platforms. With the success of Apple's AirPlay, it's a surprise that Google has taken this long to follow suit with a similar feature, considering their Smart TV's have been out for so long.

One of the biggest steps Google has made to make the Airplay-like experience possible on Android devices was when it introduced its Nexus Q this summer. The media streamer is automatically discovered by Android devices, yet they have to be connected to the same network. That process is a fundamental step in mimicking the actions of what we know Airplay can perform.

Interesting to note though about other Airplay-like developers:

Google isn’t the first one to work on an alternative to AirPlay. In fact, the widest-supported AirPlay alternative actually predates Apple’s protocol: The Digital Living Network Alliance launched in 2003 to bring content sharing to the living room. It’s DLNA protocol has been widely adopted by numerous players, with a total of 500 devices supporting DLNA today. However, the actual level of support varies widely, and many manufacturers have opted to roll out their own branded solutions on top of DLNA – but even those see little use from consumers, according to GigaOm.

What do you think, will Google's version of Airplay be able to compare with the original from Apple?

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