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The Best iPad Mini Parodies You Need to See [Video]

The iPad mini is finally here! During the October 23 event, we finally saw the first items on our wish-lists become available, yet with several flaws: it doesn't have a Retina Display, and it retails for $329 for the entry-level model. This gave web heads all the tools they needed to create some very creative, entertaining, and somewhat true iPad mini parody videos.

iPad mini

In the beginning, the iPad was designed to be very powerful and extremely capable, and thus has definitely had its share of success: Apple has sold 100 million iPads since the introduction of the device in 2010. So, the company has made incredible efforts to take all the best features found in the regular size iPad and pack them into a much smaller product – but not quite as small as the iPod Touch. But wait! We don't want you to think the iPad mini and the iPod Touch are the same thing.

They are very different products as you know, although they are powered by the same processor: the iPod Touch has a Retina Display, one of the best "banned iPad mini promo" videos says.

And they are right. These iPad mini promo video parodies say a lot about Apple and the unsaid words, the strategy the company chose with the launch of its products.

But my favorite line: the iPad mini is the future . . . until May.

We've gathered what we think are some of the best spoofs of Apple's smaller iPad on the web. Enjoy!

iPad Mini Parody Videos

1. Banned iPad Mini Promo

2. iMac Touch TV Ad

3. The iPad Mini Has Company - Conan

4. iPad Mini Commercial - Jimmy Kimmel

5. iPad Mini vs. Surface Table [Fanmade Commercial]

That's our mini roundup of parodies, and there's sure to be a lot more coming. If you have a video parody not listed here, please share in the comments section, or tell us what your favorite's are. We'd love to see all the iPad mini parodies out there, good and bad!

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