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Apple App Store Revenues Four Times that of Google Play

While the Apple App Store is still a leader in terms of revenue, Google Play has recorded an impressive 311% growth during the past 11 months, App Annie, and app analytics company reported.

App Store & Google Play

Fact is Apple is generating four times the revenue Google Play recorded during the year, but it has seen only a 12.9% growth this year, compared the Google Play's 311%. We've seen Google Play catching up with the App Store in terms of apps available for download -- although the App Store has gained some traction with more than 1 million apps submitted until early this month -- yet "the gap between global revenues on iOS and Google Play is significant, but it's gradually closing. Whilst iOS revenues are four times larger than its counterpart, Google Play revenue grew 17.9% in the last month, whilst iOS revenue contracted 0.7% for the same time period," the study highlights.

Interesting to note though is that App Annie's study is in line with a recent Flurry study presenting the countries with the biggest growth in active iOS & Android devices. While the US still retains the No. 1 spot with the most active mobile devices, China has seen a 293% growth on a year-over-year basis.

And this immense growth is reflected in active sessions: China is now challenging the US's superpower status on iOS, while the South Korea and India are the becoming the driving forces behind Android, the App Annie study reveals.

While the majority of iOS app downloads were recorded in the US at the beginning of 2012 (30%), this percentage now dropped to 25.8%, China ranking no. 2 with 15.3% of the total iOS app downloads.

When it comes to Android app downloads, the US falls behind Japan, which has seen tremendous growth over the past few months and demonstrates the monetization advantage that publishers enjoy in Japan. In regards to iOS, Japan ranks behind the US, but it is growing much faster than its counterpart.

Do you think the day will come when the Google Play store outmatches Apple's App Store?

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