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Apple Adds Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Tab 2, Note 2 to Lawsuit

The legal fight between Apple and Samsung is just never ending, with Apple adding more fuel to the fire this past week. The tech companies are responding to the each other’s allegations by adding new products to the already long list of products subject to patent infringement lawsuits.

Apple vs. Samsung

More recently -- to be precise, on Black Friday -- after Apple lawyers had eaten their Thanksgiving turkey, they brought a motion in the Northern District of California seeking to add claim charts for six Samsung products: the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Rugby Pro and the Galaxy S III Mini, all of them released during the past couple months.

This is how Apple reacted to Samsung's allegations that the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini and the latest iPod Touch were infringing on the South Korean manufacturer's patents. Fact is, Apple can pick up a larger number of products, since Samsung has a much wider product line than the Cupertino company.
Apple's motion emphasizes that all of the aforementioned Samsung products were released after the launch of the fifth-generation iPod Touch. This, a product that the South Korean manufacturer wants to include in its litigation, a fact that should make it difficult for the court to allow Samsung the addition of the fifth-generation iPod touch, while rejecting the Cupertino company's latest additions as untimely.

An interesting thought from Florian Müller of Foss Patent says that Apple's motions highlight that the company's primary target is Samsung, and not Android as previously suggested. In other words, if you thought Apple was going to come out and directly accuse Google of copying Apple's iOS, that's not the case as of right now, but we're all sure it's coming soon.

Quick question: after all the dust has settled, what do you think the eventual outcome of the Apple vs. Samsung legal battles will be?

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