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Top-Secret Taiwanese Military Base Shows Up On Apple Maps

First the majority of iOS 6 users complained about Apple Maps lacking detail, and claiming they were a poor offering compared the pre-existing Google Maps in iOS 5. Now, the Taiwanese defense ministry is complaining that Apple Maps is too accurate, after Liberty Times published a satellite image downloaded with an iPhone 5 that revealed a top-secret, long-range radar base in the northern county of Hsinchu.

Apple Maps

"Regarding images taken by commercial satellites, legally we can do nothing about it," the ministry's spokesman David Lo told reporters. "But we'll ask Apple to lower the resolution of satellite images of some confidential military establishments the way we've asked Google in the past," he said, referring to the Google Earth programme.

According to Agence France-Presse, the Hsinchu base has a high-range radar purchased from the US in 2003, with the construction expected to complete this year. The radar is able to detect missiles launched as far away as Xinjang (China), military officials commented.

Apple has not yet received a formal complaint regarding this issue about their Apple Maps, "Bravo" a Taiwan Public Relation company said.

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