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Top 10 Scariest iPhone Games to Play On Halloween

As you all know Halloween is pretty much upon us, which is the perfect time to sink our teeth in some of the scariest iPhone games. As far as gaming platforms go, the iOS is considered to be one of the fastest growing platforms out there with over 700,000 apps available and counting. But numbers aren't the only aspect that keeps on improving in iOS but the quality and scope of the games as well. As the years go by, iOS games continue to improve both in the graphics and audio department which results in titles that can rival console quality games. Because of this, games become more realistic and immersive. Since its Halloween, we are going to bring you some games that are guaranteed to spook and creep you out. This is the Top 10 Scariest iPhone Games to Play On Halloween.

Scary iPhone Games

Top 10 Scariest iPhone Games to Play On Halloween

Dead Runner

Dead Runner Scariest iPhone Games
Let's kickoff the list with a genre that is all-too familiar with iOS gamers, the endless running genre. Dead Runner is a game which is inspired by Canabalt, so you will be running endlessly while avoiding all sorts of obstacles that are being thrown by the game at you. The only distinctive thing about Dead Runner is that you are playing the game in first-person view which in itself is already interesting. The game doesn't show you any monsters or ghosts but it still succeeds at bringing in the scare factor. You are running from an unknown, unseen assailant. There is no back story whatsoever but you do know that you are running for your life and it makes for some really compelling experience. As you run further, the game becomes more difficult and the forest becomes denser. This game can really make you sweat and panic.

Call of Duty: Zombies

Call of Duty Zombies Scariest iPhone Games
When it comes to bringing in the scares, you definitely can't go wrong with everyone's favorite undead, zombies. Call of Duty: Zombies is not exactly the scariest game on this list but the game can really become quite tense as you make your last ditch effort in order to avoid becoming the next meal for the undead. Your goal is pretty simple, fight and shoot your way into surviving wave after wave of zombies. Although the scare factor would be downgraded, it is highly recommended that you play this game with a friend or with other people as the game becomes a lot more fun and tense. But of course, blasting zombies is always fun. If you are someone who enjoyed the Zombie Nazi levels in Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops, then it is highly recommended that you give this game a try.


Rage HD Scariest iPhone Games
RAGE is the latest title of id Software, which is known by the video game industry as the creators of the highly influential Doom series. RAGE HD is the mobile port of the said game which is basically the watered-down version of the main title because it was reduced to a rail shooter. I'm not really a fan of rail shooters but it is hard not to recommend RAGE HD. For one, it is most likely one of the best looking games on the iPhone which really shines if you have Retina Display. It is more like an arcade gallery shooter than a full-pledged first person title but with the freaky mutants that are coming for you, this game can definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.

Alive 4-ever

Alive 4-Ever Scariest iPhone Games
Another popular genre that simply works well on the iOS devices is the twin-stick shooter. Alive 4-ever is a twin-stick shooter that yet again capitalizes in the world's love affair with zombies. But you would be wrong to dismiss this game as yet another cookie-cutter blast-some-zombies game because as far as twi-stick shooter goes, Alive 4-ever is definitely one of the finest. When it comes to the variety of zombies to decimate, the game doesn't disappoint. You will encounter fast zombies, fat zombies, wild zombie dogs, exploding and tongue-lashing zombies. And on top of that, you will be facing three major bosses. Perhaps the most fun thing about this title is that you are constantly unlocking new content as you go along. As you shoot more of the undead, you are gaining experience for leveling up and cash in order to unlock items, upgrades, and new weapons.


Kowa Oto Scariest iPhone Games
Now it is time to bring you some scares straight from the East. If you are familiar with the Japanese horror movie genre, then you should be quite acquainted with movies like Ringu and The Grudge. Such fright flavor has been translated fairly well into video games with titles such as Fatal Frame and Siren gaining significant success. Kowa Oto is one of those games that happily fills the gap caused by the absence of J-horror in iOS. This game has you traversing mazes which is fine if not for the fact that a scary petite wooden doll following you wherever you go. All the elements that make a terrifying game are definitely present. Creepy setting? Check. Unsettling sound effects and ambient noises? Check. Frightening visuals? Check. Kowa Oto is a very audio-centric game so it is highly recommended that strap in a good pair of headphones when playing.


NY Zombies Scariest iPhone Games
Just because we just can't get enough of shooting dead things, here is another game that will have you blasting reanimated corpses. N.Y.Zombies is a game that will remind you of good ol' arcade shooters like The House of the Dead and Vampire Night. The screen is fixed during gameplay but players can rotate the orientation using the device’s accelerometer. You tap on the screen in order to eliminate the zombies that are coming to devour your flesh. N.Y. Zombies have a nice assortment of weapons that will help you keep the undead at bay. Things can become tense a lot faster as more waves of zombies come at you. This isn't just a mindless shooter, you need to manage your resources in order to stay alive which makes way for some really gripping gameplay and a key element when it comes to survival horror.

Papa Sangre

Papa Sangre Scariest iPhone Games
Most games will scare you based on what you can see, but horror enthusiasts will surely agree that atmosphere is one of the key elements that contributes to the scare factor. And boy, Papa Sangre does have a lot of that atmosphere in spades. Papa Sangre is one of the most unique games on the iOS. For one, it doesn't have visuals, basically you get no video, nothing. What you get however is a scare experience which is entirely dependent on realistic 3D or binaural audio. Your quest is to venture deep into the abyss and escape the labyrinth before you. Using audio cues, you need to avoid obstacles and any malicious entities. You'll be surprised as just how audio alone can creep you a lot. The game works best with headphones. In fact, I won't recommend playing it without a good set of headphones.

Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow Scariest iPhone Games
If you are an avid iOS gamer, there is a good possibility that you have played or heard about Infinity Blade. Now take Infinity Blade and add in a sprinkle of Silent Hill and you have Dark Meadow. The 1-on-1 dueling mechanic is still present but instead of battling knights and all sorts of giant monstrosities, in Dark Meadow, you will banish ghosts and other ghastly apparitions. In addition to that, you also get to explore creepy environments which mostly take place in a decrepit hospital. Perhaps the best aspects of Dark Meadow are the story and presentation. The game boasts an intriguing storyline that really makes you want to press on. And of course, there is the excellent graphics and voice acting to top it all off. Definitely one of the scariest iPhone games out there.

Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead Scariest iPhone Games
Oh wow, another zombie game? Well, before you dismiss this game as yet another run-of-the-mill zombie title, think again. For a game that is supposedly centers around zombies, Walking Dead: The Game derives most of its horror from the heart-wrenching failings of the human characters. Based on Robert Kirman’s graphic graphic novel, Telltell Games has managed to create yet another excellent point and click adventure which forces the player to make some of the toughest decisions in video game history. We're talking about life and death choices here. I've played this decidedly adult game on the PC and I can say that it is one of the best adventure-horror games in recent memory. It is simply a game that will grip you and won't let you go.

Dead Space

Dead Space Scariest iPhone Games
One of the most recent titles that shook the survival horror genre is definitely Visceral Games’ flagship survival horror series, Dead Space. Fortunately, the excellence of the console games translated greatly to the iOS and so is the scare factor. Dead Space for iOS is the perfect blend of edge-of-the-seat horror and heart-pumping action. The game's antagonists, the Necromorphs are seriously one of the most unsettling enemies that you'll encounter in any video game. This game is not for the faint of heart as it is filled with lots of blood and gore. But if you really want to give yourself a good scare, Dead Space is one title that you don't want to miss. Definitely belongs to the top scariest iPhone games.

And there you have it folks! Any scary game that you will be playing this Halloween on your iOS device? Feel free to comment the scariest iPhone games you have in mind.

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