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Rumor: iPad Mini For $329?

The entry-level iPad mini price will probably be higher than the 5th generation iPod Touch that currently sells for $299, despite earlier rumors claiming the price would be $249. According to 9to5Mac's own sources the entry level iPad mini will cost you about $329 in the US.

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Also, earlier rumors claiming the iPad mini would be Wi-Fi only were right, sort of. The two higher capacity smaller iPads won't feature cellular connectivity. These will likely cost you $100-200 more than the lower capacity iPad minis: about $429 and $529, the same 9to5Mac source reports.
The entry level iPad mini rumored to feature 8GB of internal storage will likely connect to cellular networks, just like the new iPad does, but the price will be about $130 higher than the corresponding Wi-Fi only model. Possible prices: $459, $559 and $659 for Wi-fi + cellular models.

When compared to the previously rumored $249 price tag, despite being higher than expected (and comparably higher than Amazon's Kindle Fire HD & Google Nexus 7's $199 price) the choice does make sense. The iPad mini's price is higher than the recently released "4-inch tablet" or let's call it by its real name, the iPod Touch, but lower than the iPad 2. Yet considering that the iPad 2 will likely lose its position to the iPad mini in the near future, I tend to believe that the $349 price would be Apple's best choice.

However, these are just educated guesses and the final price could end up being completely different when all is said and done so we'll just have to wait until the iPad mini launch, scheduled for October 23.

How much would you pay for an iPad mini?

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