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Microsoft Surface Pricing and First Commercial Revealed

Tuesday was the first day of the tablet fight between Microsoft and Apple: the first Microsoft Surface ad hit the Web along with pricing information provided by The Verge. Additionally, Apple has just sent out invitations for the iPad mini event. But after seeing the Microsoft Surface ad I have to admit that I totally agree with Jim Dalrymple: "the Surface ad sucks balls."

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft has already started pumping billions of dollars into Windows 8, and now the tablet that will hit the stores on October 26, but the second impression is still the same as the first: this isn't what I expected. The first impression was during the Microsoft Surface event, and I have to admit that when the tablet froze, it made the event.

Also, if you recall, the event wasn't centered around what the Microsoft Surface can actually do, instead we watched and listened for many minutes about how the Type Cover works. We listened to the presenters repeat hundreds of times over the click when it connects to the Surface tablet.

And now the ad: click and dance; click and throw your newly purchased Surface in the hope someone will catch it, but nothing on how the tablet performs or what it does. Just for comparison, here is the first iPad commercial.

Thanks to The Verge, we now have information about the ARM-based Microsoft Surface pricing, as they were unveiled by accident (?) at Microsoft online stores. According to this information, the entry–level, 10.6-inch Microsoft Surface will be priced at $499, the same amount as the entry-level iPad, the big difference being in storage: the Surface comes with 32 GB, while the iPad has only 16 GB of storage. However, if you want to add a Touch Cover, the full package will cost you $599. For the 64 GB model, with Touch Cover included, you'll need to shell out only $699.

The company also revealed its pricing for the Touch Cover: $119.99, while the Type Cover costs $129.99, maybe because it is available in multiple colors: white, red, black, blue, and purple. Will you be purchasing a Microsoft Surface tablet?

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