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Is The iPad Really For Kids?

The iPad is expected to gain an important role in education, but how much time is normal for a child to spend playing with an iPad, even for educational purposes? Well, a seven-year old child getting cervical pain due to extended iPad use raises a red flag.

iPad kids

While we can't always answer the above question, as it depends on the parent's attitude, here are some facts: the posture adopted by iPad users put them at risk of chronic neck and shoulder pain. Compared to laptop or computer user posture, tablets require users to bend their neck more, especially when the tablet is placed in the lap, a Chinese doctor claims.

This position causes additional strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, which may cause damage that could take a long time to heal, a Chinese clinical research found. According to their survey in China, kids using an iPad (or tablet) are exposed to getting neck issues when they get older.

For example, a seven year-old child who was literarily addicted to his iPad due to all the games they could play on it, would fall asleep with the tablet in his arms. From this, they ended up having serious headaches and an X-ray examination revealed that the child's cervical lordosis underwent a change. The bone transformation resulted from a lack of necessary exercise and his neck staying in an unhealthy position for an extended period of time, which finally turned into cervical spondylosis.

Now, obviously we have an iPad overdose here, which doesn't necessarily apply to each and every family owning an iPad. Also, it's up to the parents of these children to determine how much and when they use their iPad. When it comes to posture and reading position, the iPad is no different from a book, so should the blame fall on the device, or the ones in charge of monitoring their child's use?

Playing with the iPad is fun, but how much time would you let your child sit in front of the device's screen? [Via MICGadget]

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