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iPhone 5’s 4-inch Display Tested For Improved Color Saturation

During the iPhone 5 event, Phil Schiller said Apple had increased color saturation by 44%, which is an amazing improvement, so the guys from have purchased a unit and used their PR-655 spectroradiometer to check Apple's claims.

iPhone 5 display
The results speak for themselves: Apple has done an excellent job improving color saturation and display quality, but the iPhone 5 unit they measured just didn't stack up to Apple's marketing claims.

The 44% more color claim for the iPhone 5 is the same claim Apple made for the new iPad. As with the iPad, increasing the color performance of the iPhone 4S by 44% of NTSC 1953 gamut, measured using the CIE 1931 color space, would result in color saturation matching the sRGB color standard. Using these standards as the goal posts, we measured the iPhone 5 at 70% of NTSC 1953 in CIE 1931, a 39% increase from the iPhone 4S, which measured at 50%. That’s 5% less of an improvement than Apple’s 44% claim and just 99% of sRGB (measured against the sRGB primaries).

Although 5% seems like a big fail, the iPhone 5 display will result in a better user experience with better colors. And how did they do that? Jeff Yurek of dot-color points out that color filters are very difficult to manufacture, but that Apple had improved the color filter performance. This, however, also means the display needs an additional 20–30% more power, which once again highlights the Apple engineering team's efforts to keep the battery life up to their standards. [Via, iCLarified]

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