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iPhone 4S, iPad 3 Owners Report iOS 6 Wi-Fi Issues

Since September 19th when iOS 6 went public, the Apple Support Communities page has had multiple complaints and Wi-Fi is one of them. The same thing can be seen over on Macrumors forums, with iDevice users -- especially iPhone 4S and iPad 3 users -- reporting disabled Wi-Fi connectivity, leaving that option grayed out.

iOS 6 Wi-Fi
Some of them complain that the same applies to their Bluetooth as well. This issue I have experienced myself as well, but it went away just like it appeared after the first day of iOS 6. However, the Wi-Fi issue continues to persist although nearly two weeks have passed since the iOS 6 upgrade. Complaints have filled more than 90 pages on the Apple's Discussion Forum since then, with most of them trying out different types of fixes. Some worked and some not, few have reinstalled iOS 6, or reset the device, while others have spent hours on the phone with Apple support. But the lucky ones were those that visited Apple Stores and got a replacement of the old unit from Apple.

But the problem is still unsolved. The discussion was started by an iPhone 4S user, who got a tremendous amount of replies from users reporting the same problem. However, as you continue to read the discussions, it is obvious this issue isn't limited to iPhone 5 or 4S, but it affect the iPad 3 as well, but I didn’t spot any iPhone 4 or iPad 2 users. Fact is, the issue is certainly an iOS 6 Wi-Fi problem, and an iPad 3 user serves as the best example reporting that he got a new iPad the same day it was launched. It worked just fine until September 19, when he upgraded his device to iOS 6. Since then he has had trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, while his sister, who also has an iPad 3, didn't upgrade. So her iPad is running iOS 5.1.1, and when tested her device didn't experience the iOS 6 wi-fi issues the brother's iPad had.

For those experiencing Wi-Fi issues, there are several options available: like changing the network's security options, but a healthy iOS 6 downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 sounds like it maybe the best way to solve it.

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