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iPad Mini To Be Unveiled at an October 23rd Event [RUMOR]

Over the past few weeks, there have been much hullabaloo concerning a smaller, cheaper iPad Mini which Apple is supposedly set to release. Earlier this month, it was widely speculated that Apple will hold a second fall product event and the invitations will be handed out on October 10. And then the date just passed and there was nothing but silence from the folks over at Cupertino. With such development, there is no helping if one would wonder if the widely rumored iPad Mini is still set to make a debut sometime this month or if it is even going to make a debut at all. There are other speculations that the delay is caused by production procedures but it seems that isn't the case at all.

iPad Mini Release Date
According to a new report by AllThingsD, Apple is still set to hold a special event this month in which the new, smaller iPad will be unveiled. So what is the expected date this time? According to some people who are "familiar with Apple's plans", the fruit company will hold invitation-only event on October 23rd. In addition, instead of holding the said event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts where the iPhone 5 was introduced, Apple is said to hold the event close to home at the Town Hall Auditorium which is located inside the company's HQ. Town Hall Auditorium has been a venue where Apple has introduced various important products such as OS X Lion, iPhone 4S and a next-generation MacBook Air. So considering that the iPad Mini isn't exactly considered a major product launch, this bit of news is not that far-fetched.

For the record, October 23rd is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday. This is kind of a break in Apple's tradition of holding events. One more notable thing is that the said event is three days before the street date for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet. Additionally, the date is two days before the Cupertino company's quarter earnings. So both reasons are most likely big influential factors as to why Apple is holding the event on a Tuesday, instead of Wednesday.
iPad mini
Apple already went full-force during the iPhone 5 announcement as it opted for San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and go as far as recruiting a famous band Foo Fighters to wrap up the show. If the October 23rd turned out to be true, it seems that Apple is hoping to have a more intimate iPad Mini debut by holding the event close to home.

Aside from that, what else can we expect? Well, apparently not much. "Sources say the iPad’s diminutive sibling will feature a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display and a Lightning connector", as pointed out by AllThingsD, "it will also probably be thinner. And that’s about it." If this report is indeed accurate, then we can expect invitations to be sent next week. Well, it seems that all we can do at this point is wait for any further development.

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