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Rumor: Will The iPad Mini Launch On October 17?

The silence surrounding a possible iPad mini event has been broken: Apple may send out invitations as early as next week. While it seems like news out of the blue, the rumor comes from a major Apple investor, who claims he heard the info from multiple sources.

iPad mini
Obviously, the sources won't be named, but the rumor comes to reaffirm earlier widespread whispers of a smaller version of Apple's most popular iPad. As we previously reported based on earlier photo leaks, the iPad mini will sport a 7.85-inch screen.

The iPad mini has been rumored to have been coming ever since the original iPad was presented, but the tablet market hasn’t been ripe for a smaller version tablet – or at least, so Apple thought. Meanwhile, other market players have flooded consumers with their 7-inch versions of Android tablets, which have had their share of success. But as far as I can see, the biggest success was the Kindle Fire, which was first launched last year and rapidly took a huge chunk of the Android tablet market due to its low $199 price tag and the content it delivered. Now that, Google Nexus 7 is also on the market, and has had some success, which makes the tablet market is ready for an iPad mini.

According to Fortune's sources, the invitations will be sent out on October 10, which places the iPad mini event on October 17, considering Apple's usual scheduling protocol. This also means the iPad mini will hit the stores at the end of the month, so there is plenty of time before the holiday run.

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