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iPad Mini Battery Images Appear on the Web

MacRumors received a couple new photos of what sources claim to be the battery for the eagerly awaited iPad mini. As you can see from the images below, the battery labeled with the model number A1445 runs at 3.72 volts and offers 16.7 Whr of power.

iPad mini
iPad mini

If the sources are accurate, then the iPad mini's battery will be three times the iPhone 5's battery and a third of the new iPad's awesome 42.5Whr battery, which is likely since we do believe the images are real.

The iPad Mini And Its Competitors

Although the tech world was hoping to receive email invites for an October 17th event, no email arrived on October 10, causing many to question the existence of an iPad mini. In an effort to answer all the frustrating questions, AllThingsD was quick to inform its readers that the iPad mini still existed and there is likely to be an Apple event centered around the iPad mini on October 23rd. Considering that previous rumors indicated November 2nd as the date when the device would hit stores, this is also still likely since the launch date matches Apple's previous product launch scenarios.
Meanwhile, Reuters reaffirmed the October 23 Apple event as well, citing its sources, which unfortunately didn't specify what kind of product the Cupertino company would reveal. The article however, speculates that this could be the arrival of an iPad mini, citing AllThingsD who was the first to report on the updated launch date.

You may recall, there were some contradictory reports around the iPad mini production process. Some sources had claimed case manufacturers had to halt all production due to possible design changes. Another report coming from a Topeka Capital analyst, and later reaffirmed independently by Digitimes, says Apple is six weeks late with the iPad mini release date. The delay is thought to have been caused by manufacturing issues in Apple's supply chain. One thing is certain though: reports are flowing in from all areas and they all reaffirm that the iPad mini is a real product and that the launch date is imminent.

Another factor which may speed up the iPad mini launch is the Microsoft Surface official launch that is scheduled for October 26. Although Tim Cook has his opinion about the Surface tablet – which he revealed during this year's AllThingD interview, that tablet computing doesn't really work the way Microsoft had envisioned. So an earlier launch of the iPad mini could be a painful slap right into Steve Balmer's face causing a possible shift in focus from the Microsoft event, despite the company's huge efforts to break into the tablet market.

The iPad mini launch will result in numerous Apple headlines and tech blogs and mainstream media will be focusing on the iPad mini instead of the Surface tablet. The Surface was already presented to the public and brought its usual shape, as it froze up during the presentation. If Apple matches the $250 price tag that rumors are hinting at, the iPad mini will surely secure its No. 1 spot in the tablet market for a long time, despite Google and Amazon's effort to negatively impact its market share. [Via MacRumors]

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