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iOS 6 Battery Life Issues

Battery life isn't a new problem for the iPhone. As a worldwide survey shows it was the No. 1 problem reported by all iPhone 4 and 4S users running iOS 5 earlier this year. Now with iOS 6, it seems this issue has gone from bad to worse.

iPhone battery
Reading through Apple Discussion boards I found many users facing similar iOS 6 battery life issues, just like myself: the iPhone 4 is useless without a charger nearby. Fact is, I tend to use my iPhone a bit more than I used to, but that's not a dramatic increase in usage compared to when I had iOS 5. And I have to note here that I have Location Services turned off, so it won't drain my battery.

The same iOS 6 battery life issues were reported by iPhone 4S users as well as iPad owners. On the other hand the same forums had a few, but not many users that said their iPhone's battery life actually improved.
From the entries: "My battery life is terrible on my old iPhone 4 with iOS 6... so much so that it's basically unusable without a charger nearby. If I use it moderately, say 45 mins listening to iPod, some light web browsing, texting, it's around 30% by midday and dead by 3pm. It's ridiculous - I was going to sell my iPhone 4 when I got my iPhone 5, but I fear that upgrading to iOS 6 has basically wiped a fair few dollars off its resale value!" "My ipad 3 is having poor battery life as well since the update....but more so when just browsing the web. You can literally watch the battery % count down with every passing minute. Apple needs to fix this problem ASAP!"

There are a couple of suggestions though to improve battery life and all of them start with you the user: how much time do the spend playing around with your iPhone. Others say OTA updates have this secondary effect of draining your battery so a clean install would solve this issue. However, all of these seem to work only for that person giving the recommendation.

But iOS 6 battery life complaints aren't limited to the Apple Support Board. Macrumors, iPhoneinCanada and other forums are reporting the same issues. You can try a clean install and see if that works, but Apple needs to solve this issue ASAP. We'll keep you posted about any updates available.

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