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Google Street View Arrived To iOS 6

After a couple weeks of debate over Google Maps versus Apple Maps on iOS 6, Google has today spilled gas on the fire by bringing the Street View data back to the Web version of Google Maps so that iOS 6 users -- which at the time of writing account for 60% of all iOS users in the US and Canada -- can enjoy the feature.

Google Street View
Google Street View
However, at first glance Google Street View appears to be limited to the US and Canada, as during our testing, the streets of Europe weren't available on the mobile Safari version of Google Maps. The update brings back the 360-degree, interactive, stree-level images to iOS 6 after Apple ditched the native Google Maps app (which had been running since the launch of the iPhone in 2007) for an in-house development.

While the update will be applauded by most iOS users who had complained about Apple's move, those located outside the US or Canada will have to wait to enjoy a virtual visit of points of interest in other countries.

To take advantage of Google Street View, you just need to visit the Google Maps homepage and start searching from there. We made the effort to take a virtual trip around Apple's headquarters by typing 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California into the search bar, and after the result came up, we pressed on the small stick figure located at the bottom right of the screen. This opened up a new window with a Street View interface, which is to what you get on the desktop version.

Scrolling, rotating and advancing was smooth, but there is no zoom-in option available right now. Also, the service performance needs some work, as the map went blank several times. But anyways, it is a good start, and hopefully the search giant will be covering other places soon.

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