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Mozilla Firefox 16 Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Download Now! [Direct Links]

When it comes to web browsers, certainly one of the most popular solutions available is Mozilla's Firefox, or at least it used to. At one point, Firefox has turned into a household name and has become synonymous with "web browsers". But the years that went by wasn't so kind to Firefox, as its popularity gradually waned over time. This can be attributed to the fact that it takes too long for Mozilla to release updates and then of course, other competitors such as Google Chrome joined in on the fray. However, Mozilla is looking to make Firefox competitive again by emulating Chrome's practice of releasing small but frequent updates. With that said, Firefox 16 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Firefox 16
Ever since Firefox 4, Mozilla has been making sure to pump out updates for their web browser every now and then. This is their way of making sure that Firefox remains competitive and relevant in the market. This means that users get a new version of Firefox from time to time, although the changes are not so drastic as compared to previously releases. The most recent updates generally include small improvements and new features, and the usual inclusion of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Firefox 16 is no different. So what can you expect from Firefox's latest build?
Mozilla Firefox 16 Update
While this version of Mozilla's browser won't blow you away in terms of new features or user interface, the additions in Firefox 16 is something that web developers can look forward to. Perhaps the most notable feature is the new Developer Command Line, which as the Firefox team describes, “provides easy keyboard control over Firefox Developer Tools and is intuitive, completing commands and parameters for you.” To access the Developer Toolbar and the command line, you can utilize the shift-F2 keyboard shortcut, or simply select Developer Toolbar which is found in the Web Developer menu. If you wish, you can use an add-on to override the shortcuts that you're not using to make things even faster.

Other developer-oriented features like CSS3 Animations, Transitions, Transforms, Image Values, IndexedDB and Values and Units are added as well. Firefox 16 allows developers to access the Battery API which will allow them to monitor the battery status of any mobile device.

For users, there are some new features which may spark your interest. Firefox brings preliminary web app support to Windows, Mac, and Linux. For Mac OS X users, the web browser now has preliminary VoiceOver support enabled by default. On the performance front, there is the usual bug fixes and increased JavaScript responsiveness. And as expected, there are no significant changes to the browser's user interface. To find out more about the changes in Firefox 16, you can check out its release notes.

Mobile Firefox is also getting some new features as well. The most notable one is definitely the distraction-free reader mode which is similar to what's found in Safari. To activate this mode, users will simply need to click on the “Reader” icon in Firefox’s URL bar. Mobile Firefox also now has a new "Share" menu and Firefox Sync to sync tabs with your desktop or any other mobile devices.

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Download Firefox 16 for Windows
Download Firefox 16 for Mac
Download Firefox 16 for Linux.

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