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CameraTweak: Upgrade Your iOS Camera App With New Photo/Video Enhancements

As far as smartphone camera goes, it is well-established that the iPhone's camera is definitely one of the bests on its class. This can be attributed to Apple's great attention to detail and the drive to always strive for excellence, which pretty much reflects the overall quality of their products. The iPhone camera comes with its own default iOS Camera app which is certainly sufficient for the most basic use. But in an attempt to streamline everything, the iOS Camera app is somehow limited because it is essentially stuck in automatic mode. Like for example, focus and exposure are tied together and composition overlays are restricted to a grid. It is simply way too limited for hardcore photo enthusiasts. Today, we will feature a jailbreak that upgrades the iOS Camera app.

CameraTweak Cydia App
For those who simply want more out of their iPhone's camera, one of the most viable option is to replace the default camera app altogether by installing another app such as Camera+. However, if you want to improve the default camera itself, you will have to turn to jailbreak tweaks, which is what exactly what we have for you today. The tweak that we have for you today is simply called CameraTweak. The name suggests that it is merely a simple tweak but CameraTweak is so much more than that. It is a feature-rich tweak which can really supercharge your iPhone’s photography app. It has great features for both photos and video.
CameraTweak Cydia App Photo
On the photo side of things, CameraTweak will allow you to have separate views for focus and exposure. So in case you want to focus on a shadowy object, you don't have to worry about brightening the entire scene. A timer mode is also included which allows users to set up a shot so the photographer can hurry and join the frame. Another neat feature included is the lapse timer mode which is good for those who dabble in lapse photography. The included composition overlay should also significantly help in getting your pictures just right.
CameraTweak Cydia App Video
As for the video, you can also expect the same abundance of features. When recording videos, you can also select between focus and exposure modes. Frame rate and resolution settings are also available for you to tinker with. The best part about this tweak is that it seamlessly integrates into the native Camera app. By installing a new app, you run the risk of complicating the experience by having to relearn a new way on how to operate things. This is perfect for those who doesn't want to stray too far from the simplicity of the default app but still want awesome new features and improvements.

You can download CameraTweak in Cydia via BigBoss repo for the fair price of $0.99. It is currently supported for jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5 or later. The tweak is unfortunately not compatible for iPad of all models.

You will need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch before you download and install CameraTweak. So in case you haven't jailbroken your iOS device yet, make sure that you check out our several guides on how to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 into your iDevice: Absinthe | Redsn0w | Sn0wbreeze | Cinject.

So will you enhance your iOS Camera app with CameraTweak?

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