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Apple Raises Prices of Apps in the App Store!

It came from out of the blue and totally unexpected when Apple raised the prices of iPhone apps in the European App Store!!! We quickly checked out the United States and Canadian App Store prices, but they showed no changes. Below you'll find out what we're talking about with the updated prices.

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Apple had a scheduled iTunes Connect maintenance time scheduled for today, but it seems like the real reason was so the Cupertino company could update the price ranges of the apps available in the App Store. European users can now say goodbye to the good old 79 Euro cent price tag: for example Bad Piggies now retails for €0.89 in the European App Store.

According to iPhoneItalia, the new contract between Apple and iOS app developers Dev Center allows them to sell their applications on the App Store taking advantage of the following price ranges: excluding free apps, the price of apps will start from €0.89 up to €1.79, €2.69, €3.59, €4.49, €5.49, €5.99, €6.99, €7.99, €8.99, €9.99, and so on up to €33.99.

It is still possible to see some apps featuring the old prices (such as €0.79, €1.59, etc.) so if you want to save that extra 10 cents then you better download it now, before prices are updated.

As for the time frame, you can expect this to happen at anytime from now in the App Store, so hurry!

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