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App Alternatives Show Apple Maps Isn’t That Bad After All

Tim Cook took a drastic step that shocked the tech world with his open letter to Apple customers saying he is extremely sorry for falling short of delivering the best possible experience with Apple Maps. To compensate for this shortfall, Apple has created a page where users can choose map-app alternatives. Interestingly, these alternatives are just serving to emphasize that Apple's Map application isn't that bad after all.

Maps App Store
When you start using the navigation applications available in the App Store, you'll find that Maps does a good job in getting you from point A to point B. Just like Consumer Reports pointed out after testing the app's navigation abilities against Google Maps, while Google Maps offers better customization options and comes in a better package, Apple's Maps is a less mature product, but has all the necessary elements to provide a good navigation experience.

In other words, the negative hype around the Maps app is exaggerated. Still, this is the second time Scott Forstall has blown it: first there was Siri, which worked fine during Forstall's presentation, but when iPhone 4S owners started using it, they couldn't stop complaining. And somehow he forgot to mention that Siri is in Beta, which in tech terms means 'work in progress' that may have bugs. Since then, however, Siri has been enhanced with other great features, but it is still in Beta.

The second fail is Maps: Forstall's presentation was smooth, highlighting essential elements of the application, but again, when it reached the customer, it fell short of expectations. Apple sets the benchmark high with all of its products, both software and hardware, so a Siri and Maps-like fail is a hard hit to the company's image of delivering high-quality products providing the ultimate user experience.

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